Enter the river, feel life renewed.

I am a huge fan of Heraclitus’ river. “A man never steps into the same river twice.” I just love thinking about this phrase. In the end it boils down, simply, to say “everything changes”. There is different water with different molecules, different atoms. Maybe the clouds transported and deposited this water from the north but last time maybe from the south. The person stepping in is a different body. Cells have died and others have replaced them; the approach is different. What thoughts this time? What thoughts last time? The air is different, the breath is different. The relationship between all the stars is different, including the sun.  Nothing is the same. Everything changes.

For people who like certainty, this can be a scary prospect. But that is for another time.

For now, today, this thought, this time thinking about Heraclitus’ river, is about excitement and expectation. If everything changes and I am part of that everything — the next moment that I meet something that looks the same as it has in the past, I can remember — I am different. I am not that person. This is not that river (or person, or relationship, or car-ride, or supervisor, or angry customer or…).  I can breathe, feel new/different molecules, I can think of the stars and remember the expanse of life, and how so much has changed since I last stepped into the river.

I can know that I am new and different. And I bring to the river whatever I choose now to bring as I enter the flow.

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