A Journey of Worth: Day 16

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

For more information about this journey see this article . For an introduction, see this article .

Guiding Thought

We are ALL One. You are not alone. Alone becomes All One in Unity and Healing. You are that I am that we become together. There is no separation—we mend the pieces: At One there are no limits, at One there are no boundaries. At One you are free—with me.


The part of the Guiding Thought I felt most intensely was “you are that I am that we become together”. In the visualizing of this part of the thought, it was humbling to have a teacher, guru, wise-person say to me, “you are that I am”; in other words, my wise-teacher could not be who and what he is without me being who and what I am. It felt very powerful that I matter to his existence, that he depends on me, and we depend on each other. The relationship is mutual, reciprocal, intertwined, and beyond all of those in freedom and oneness.

There have been several days of this in which there has been a recurring theme of clearing out the dross of the bombardment and entanglement of this world. I have almost been feeling guilty because I have felt so insecure and uncertain during this journey, or-at least-it seems like I have been.

But, I realized today, in order for me to move on, I must clear the dross. I must bring it to the surface—and that means exposing it, facing it, allowing it to come up. That insecurity and uncertainty is the dross and I have to see it and experience it in order to move and remove it. As long as I don’t stay stuck in the dross, as long as I keep moving it, as long as I don’t believe in it, it’s all part of the healing, growing, and progression.

It may take more journeys like this to get it all, but that is why I have journeys. The journey doesn’t end…until it does.

2 thoughts on “A Journey of Worth: Day 16

  1. Simply beautiful 🙂
    No teacher is ever a teacher without students and vise verses.
    Simply… beautiful.
    So amazed and proud of both of you, my sisters.


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