A Journey of Worth: Day 17

For more information about this journey see this article . For an introduction, see this article .

Guiding Thought

Claim who you are, the essence of your Self, established in and by Love. Your Self shines with the strength, beauty, and power of its essence, Love. As you open to your Self, accept your Self, and Love your Self, the Life of Unity infuses all your activity and transforms your consciousness. Life as your Self renews your Joy and restores your trust in it.


In the guiding thoughts of this, and the previous Journey (of Purpose), I use the words, “to be aware, to understand, and to know…” fairly regularly. These words, to me, encapsulate the concept of what a Consciousness Journey is, what the purpose is. Knowing with certainty is where I want my consciousness to be—Knowing Love, Knowing Unity, Knowing Peace. That’s what this is about—getting there, where there is no doubt, no fear, no question, just the certainty (Knowing) of Love living as me. I’m not there yet (thus, journeys!).

Awareness is the first step. I’ve been at “awareness” so far for much of this journey. It’s the beginning of separating the chaff from the wheat, heating the metal to remove the dross. Awareness can be scary because you begin to see the junk in your thoughts, in your mind; you begin to see what you really think. For example, this Guiding Thought is about claiming who you are—Love as your essence. This is what I want to believe; this is what I do believe…but…as I think about claiming my Self as Love as I go through the Guiding Thought, it feels flimsy, vaporous, like a light breeze will shake the foundation. My mind wanders; it does not want to focus. It avoids thinking about the Guiding Thought—it does not want to “hear” this as truth. This is a clue that there is resistance in my consciousness to moving forward. There is resistance that needs to be shifted and healed. The goal is Knowledge: resistance stands in its way. If I am to move forward to Knowledge, I must continue to LOOK at my resistance, to look at what is inhibiting me. So far, it does not even have a name; it has not been exposed enough that I can even identify it as something, just avoidance and resistance. And so I must continue…

Understanding is the next step. As I am still learning awareness, I can’t speak to understanding on this journey yet. I have experienced understanding in other ways. But, on this journey… there seems to be a LOT of resistance I need to get through before I reach any understanding what so ever. Understanding comes when the naming comes, when I have identified a thought or experience that has set in my mind the reinforcement of feelings of separation or feeling uncared-for, overlooked, or unheard; or–especially on this journey– of feeling worthless, useless, or unimportant. There is something there: the resistance and avoidance tells me so. What it is, I don’t know…but…the journey continues.  I am committed to Knowing sooner or later!

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