A Journey of Worth: Day 22

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

For more information about this journey see this article . For an introduction, see this article .

Guiding Thought

I love myself for the Truth within me. The Truth within me Knows me for who I am—Pure Love, Only Love, beyond all valuing of the world. In Love all are equal, for we are One. This is how Truth Knows me—Pure, One, and Free. This is my Truth; this is our Truth; this is the Self I love.


I don’t “just” want light. I want to be incapable of darkness (…which I am in Truth). There is such a mass belief-system that “there is darkness in everyone”. I don’t buy it. We are light. We are love. Stuff that comes out and is interpreted as darkness is either a) misinterpreted b) a plea for healing c) a projection of a misunderstanding d) all of the above.

I want to know myself as Love knows me: Pure, One, and Free.

Pure: unadulterated, “free from anything different”, unmodified. Only Love. Only Light. Only Divine Service. Only Good of All.

One: all are One. That I treat All—animals, humans, any creature or being, as Love would treat me. That I approach any relationship or interaction with the love, integrity, understanding, patience, and kindness that Love would give to me.

Free: That I would Know my purity, my innocence, my Love so clearly that I never wonder about who I am, what is within me, why I am here, or where I am (or should be) going. Freedom is living beyond questions, beyond doubt, beyond dualism, beyond self.

I see my Self as myself, I am free; I see myself as my Self, I am free.

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