A Journey of Worth: Day 29

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

For more information about this journey see this article . For an introduction, see this article .

Guiding Thought

I extend the Love that I am, for that is all I truly am. As I learn to be aware, to understand, and to Know my own will as Love, and make choices according to that will, my life experiences become worthy of me. Expressing my Self that is wholly Love and United with All is the only choice that is worthwhile. It is the only thing that brings me satisfaction, the only choice that allows me to experience my Self—the Love that I am. My-your-our- freedom depends on my right choices, depends on my choosing what is worthy and what is not; it depends on me, depends on you, depends on us.


Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I have been thinking a lot about this quote while being on this Journey. I wonder about how I can be an advocate for the Guiding Thoughts that I write, while still having so many obstacles, so much confusion, and so much uncertainty. How do I know what I am talking about? Am I not being hypocritical? I worry. Congruence, integrity, accurate representation…these things are all important to me, but from the outside might it appear that I am full of shit?


I have two responses to myself on that…maybe three.

First, there are lots of examples of wisdom quotes about not judging others or about walking in someone else’s shoes; I take these to heart. Daily, it occurs to me how I will never ever understand one single experience of someone else, much less someone else’s whole life, and how this moment or that moment “fits” in. This is one of the points in my personal code of ethics (which so far has only been written in my head); others have to live by their own code of ethics. I can’t tell anyone what their code of ethics should be. So, maybe I am full of shit, but I come by it honestly—I really am striving toward my own ideal of Love; I don’t always understand (in fact, rarely!), but I do assess, evaluate, strive, grapple, fumble, fall, get up, and move forward. I do the best I can do.

Second, another principle that I choose to advocate, that is reflected at times in my writing and in the Guiding Thoughts, is that a person learns to Know through sharing. What this means is if I keep things to myself, I never see how they manifest in the world, never see what happens when I interact in certain ways with other people, situations, circumstances. I learn as I share my Self; I learn to be my Self. In this also, I assess, evaluate, strive, grapple, fumble, fall, get up, and move forward. Maybe that should be the tagline for this journey. The point is that learning is a process; if I knew, I wouldn’t have to learn. In the school of transcendence, I am in kindergarten, but happy to be on the way to Knowledge.

Third…some part of me came up with these Guiding Thoughts. Some part of me holds these things as valuable, as true, as real. That “part” of me is me. It may not be the me I experience throughout the day, but it is the me I want to experience throughout the day (hence, “learning”).  I am sharing that part of myself so I can learn that part better. These Journeys are, at their core, about learning who I am—and (see above), I do that through sharing.

More than this though…back to the Rumi quote at the beginning: I am also sharing the obstacles, the barriers, I have constructed for myself that prevent me from Knowing me. My hope is you will be encouraged in your own journey to your Self to dismantle the barriers within you. I believe in You, as I do in my Self.

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