A Journey of Worth: Day 36

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

For more information about this journey see this article . For an introduction, see this article .


Guiding Thought

We are ALL One. I am not alone. Alone becomes All One in Unity and Healing. I am that you are that we become together. There is no separation—we mend the pieces: At One, there are no limits, at One, there are no boundaries. At One I am free—with you.


Oneness is one of the harder concepts for me to wrap my head around. Well, they all are, really. What do I know of Love, of Peace, of Purpose? I have momentary realizations, fleeting experiences, moments of deep understanding…but most of the time, I contemplate and strive—or fumble, as it feels. I like to think that my effort results in the realizations, experiences, and moments that I do have, and I can confirm that I have those moments much more often than I did five, ten, or twenty years ago. I feel much more settled than I was five, ten, or twenty years ago and I can pull myself out of emotional distress or disturbance more easily (and the moments of distress and disturbance are fewer than years before).

With all of these concepts, especially Oneness, it’s like I know somewhere deep inside that these words (Peace, Love, Joy, Purpose, Oneness, etc.) mean something I have yet to really understand in a full, consistent way. I can’t understand these concepts like I understand the concept of “breakfast”. Even when the concept of breakfast changes (“Oh, we’re having fish for breakfast! That’s odd, but ok.), the change can still fit and make sense within what I already understand. But with words like Peace, Love, Joy, Purpose, Oneness, I don’t even have a baseline for understanding, for “fitting” things in to. Even though I have had experiences that feel like these concepts, they don’t linger (neither the experience nor the feeling). I want immersion, consistency, fullness of these experiences, so I can really understand.

The knowing and understanding is right there, so close…but still hidden, or maybe just on the very top shelf, just out of reach.

That’s why I am doing these Journeys—to remove what is hiding my understanding, to build a step stool to reach it.

What does it mean to be at One? If I look at myself, then look at you, all of my sense-data says you are you and I am me. We are two, not one. So what is Oneness?

Buddhists talk about “one mind”, Christians talk about the “Christ mind” (“May the mind that was in Christ Jesus be also in you”).

So, Oneness has to do with our minds (?). Our minds are united (is unity different from Oneness?). There is one mind, a “Christ mind”, which permeates all of us, all of existence (?).

Experience counters this, though. That’s another reason these concepts are difficult to wrap one’s head around. When people look outward, they see people and objects… not one anything. People can say “that is not me”, “I am different from them”, or “we are separate”. These thoughts are the only conclusion the human brain can come to with the sense-data that it perceives and receives.


If there is One mind, that mind must be able to perceive itself and to know itself. Wouldn’t you think?


If that One mind is in me, then I can perceive/know it.

How do I do that? How do I counter the sense-data and how do I perceive/experience Oneness?

This is what I’ve come to in response to these questions:

  1. Willingness: I must be willing to see the One mind with the One mind within me.
  2. Openness: The One mind within me wants me to Know it (this is an assumption, but I am accepting this as a premise). I must be open to receiving information/data that pertains to the One mind within me. I must be open to this information/data coming from somewhere other than my five senses.
  3. Practice. If we are of One mind, then at the deepest level, we share goals and interests. If I bring that attitude to all my interactions, that is a step toward experiencing the One mind within me in my daily activities. When I see our interests as mutual, and act in a way that supports your interests and goals (at the deepest level), as equal to my own (at the deepest level), then I am practicing the attitude (or mind) of Oneness.

With every day of the Journey, with every round of the Journey, the concept teaches itself. When I am willing to be open to the teaching and confirm my sincerity through practice I gain understanding, bit by bit. These concepts are Infinite…my journey is infinite.

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