A Journey of Worth: Afterword

I want what I want, in Truth.

I will what I want, in Truth

I present what I want and will to True Authority

for guidance, in the service of Divine Love.

For the past few days I have been ruminating on the overall “achievement” or “accomplishment” of the Journey of Worth, because I knew eventually, I would be writing a post script. (Of course, “achievement” and “accomplishment” aren’t really the right words… more like—“afterthoughts” or “what did I learns”). The phrases above are what continued to enter my mind as I contemplated what the post script would be about. I didn’t really know at first what to make of those lines, but they continued to enter my mind, as I thought about this post script.

Here is how my thoughts progressed, with the sentences above at the center:

This is supported by day 05, “there is only One Will”:

“I want what I want in Truth.” My will only wants the Truth; it wants what my Self wants, and that is Truth. In other words, I agree with my Self. My Self Knows the Truth, and wills the Truth; that is what I want too (despite my self-sabotage, obstructions, or barriers; despite obscuring the Truth from myself; despite having to pluck SO many weeds to understand)… all I want, all that is worthy in my life and affairs is the Truth. This is what I want; this is what my Self wants for me.

So, if I want it, then, I can (and do) Will it, because it is who and what I am: Love. Peace.

“I Will what I want, in Truth”. All of this is about worthiness, because what exists in Truth is really all that exists, and (conveniently!) all I care to have in my experience. Since there is only one Will, and “we” “both” want the same thing, then, I am Willing what I want in Truth. This was powerful at first— I have the Power to Will Truth into being.

But then I thought, but wait a minute

If There is only one Will and…

If We are One, and…

If my Self is established in and by Love (Guiding Thought 07) and if I extend the Love that I am (being aware, understanding, and Knowing my will as Love, Guiding Thought 09), then… I AM what I want in Truth.

And if this is correct, then, my Will wills only what I want, which is what I AM in Truth, so the second line becomes, “I Will what I AM, In Truth”; and the saying becomes transformed:

I AM what I want in Truth.

I Will what I AM, In Truth

And since I am what I want, there is no reason to want.

Since I am what I will, there is no reason to will. So the first two lines become simply: I AM.

Throughout these thoughts, and this process, I continued to “feel” the truth of the progression. This is why “I AM” makes sense, in the “I AM that I AM” way. There is nothing to want; there is nothing to will. There is only the beingness of Self.

I am not saying that I continue to “get it”. But in the moment, as I was coming to understand the progression, I understood. I Am.

Throughout the progression, I was repeating the three lines, as they appear at the top (until they transformed, as outlined); the third line,  “I present what I want and will to True Authority for guidance, in the service of Divine Love“ is what (I think) carried me through to a new understanding. Wants and Wills and desires and attachments and this job or that car or this house or that relationship carry us away from our Self; carry us away from True Authority. It’s easy to think about wanting or willing—especially when it comes to worth—in a worldly sense. It is for me, anyway; I am still not certain of what Worth is (I will be doing this Journey again!). But, as I offer (present, give as a present) my wants and wills to a True Authority for guidance, and do so with the intent to serve Divine Love… then, well… True Authority guides me.

And may Divine Love use this to benefit all.

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