A Journey of Healing: Introduction

Welcome to this 40-day consciousness journey—A Journey of Healing. As I have been contemplating healing, what has been most prominent is that I do not know what healing means. Many of my early concepts of healing grew out of Christianity and were of course linked to the healing of Jesus Christ (I was baptized Catholic). I love the story of Christ telling a lame man “take up your pallet and walk” and have used “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed” as a mantra.  As I studied more broadly, I found there to be many cultures that have stories of miraculous healing–Jesus is not the only exemplar. I once read about a Yogi who could heal everyone in a crowd, take all of the illness of all of the people out of their bodies and take the illnesses into his own body then heal himself overnight and be able to do the same thing the next day.

Further study and contemplation also shows that healing is not (just) of the body. Healing is also of the mind, the heart, the emotions; relationships, actions, thoughts; questions, seeking, delving, finding. I have encountered energetic healers, crystal healers, hands-on healers, vibrational healers, integrative healers, spiritual healers…lots and lots of different types of “healers”. Each has a philosophy, a belief system, an approach to healing. I am interested and curious about all of these, about each individual healer’s philosophy and approach. I find it very fascinating.

Yet what does any of this type of healing have to do with this consciousness journey, this Journey of Healing? There are three points that pertain to this present journey:

  1. Healing is a tool that assists the ultimate Journey to Enlightenment. Within the paradox of enlightenment, there are tools we can use to remember or wake up. These tools show us our True Selves, our True Reality, affirming who we are, while accepting we are still in the process of “getting there”.  When you “arrive” ultimately, and end the journey to enlightenment, the tools are no longer necessary.
  2. Everyone’s journey to enlightenment is experienced individually, thus all healing is experienced as individual and unique. All True healing ultimately serves Divine Love/Oneness/Wholeness, but the way each person experiences it (through the mind or body or emotions, with crystals or vibrations or prayer or Love) will be specific to that person.
  3. This Journey’s “tagline” will be “Whole-Holy-Healthy” to serve as a reminder that Health comes through Wholeness; Wholeness within and without is a characteristic of the Divine; when we are Whole, we are healthy and holy.

Thus, for this  Journey of Healing, it is an  imperative for me to submit my seeking and questioning to Highest Divine Love, to turn my inner thoughts and feelings to discovering what healing means as Wholeness and Holiness, to lay aside preconceptions about what I think healing means, and to learn how my  healing serves Divine Purpose.

Thus, I declare:

I turn my inner thoughts and feelings to Divine Love for guidance.

I ask of Divine Love, with all my heart, “what is healing?” and “how can I be whole?”

I seek only Divine Love, which is my Wholeness, my health, and my holiness, assured that I will find what I seek.

I submit my past thoughts, my preconceptions, and my expectations to Divine Love for transformation. Healing is now; I must approach as a clean slate.

I choose to be aware, to understand, and to Know Divine Love’s activity in my life as my Wholeness, as my health, and as my Holiness.

I commit:

I commit to a daily practice of Guiding Thoughts (contemplation) and writing for 40 days. I commit to the discovery of healing, of learning what healing means now. I commit my thoughts and intentions to seeking only Divine Love’s meaning and expression of healing in my life and affairs.

I dedicate:

I dedicate this journey to you. May you learn with me your deepest healing that we may be Whole together.

Guiding Thoughts and sharing will begin Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

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