What is Healing? A Journey of Healing: Day 01

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

I clear my mind of all past notions of what I think healing is. All memories and stories I erase from my thoughts, leaving only a clean slate. I turn my attention to my Inner Divine Mind and I ask, “What is healing”? And I wait and listen. In silence, I take my attention deeper into the vastness of Divine Mind and ask again, “What is healing?” and “What is wholeness?” and “What is holy?” And I wait and I listen. Feeling stillness, I simply pause in the quiet and await my answer.

Thus begins A Journey of Healing. For this journey it is imperative to release past notions of healing and approach this travel with a sense of ignorance, of wonder, of inquisitiveness, and curiosity. I do not know True healing. If I knew True healing I would be healed, Truly, and there would be no need for this journey or any other.

This sense of wonder and inquisitiveness followed me throughout my day. I continually asked Inner Divine Mind today, “What is healing?” In as many situations as I was able to remember, I queried, “What is healing?” At home, making tea, “What is healing?” Answering emails at work, “What is healing?” Talking with work colleagues, “What is healing?” Walking my dog, “What is healing?”

More questions than answers came up. I saw my question from several “sides”; as I repeated the question it answered by giving me different angles of itself, so to speak. The answers, in the form of questions, broaden my understanding of the original question. Out of that one simple question, I got these questions as well:

  1. “What is healing” in the sense of:  What is the source of healing? What is doing the healing?
  2. “What is healing” in the sense of: What is being healed? What is being corrected in this situation, right now? How is this person I am speaking with experiencing healing as we speak?
  3. “What is Healing?” in the sense of what does it mean to be healed? What does being healed look like, feel like, taste like? Is healing something that can be seen or tasted? What is the essence of healing?

The understanding that came out of these questions was:

  1. Healing has a source that is beyond me, yet within me. I am both doing the healing, yet not its source.
  2. Healing is always happening, when I am willing to offer it, when I think about giving healing. When I (silently) ask, in every situation, “how can I help?” “How can I bring healing?” “What is healing?” then the source of healing is invited to work through me to bring right-mindedness to that situation. Even though I can “do” healing, because I am not its source (which is beyond me), I must open the path for the source to enter and express; I must invite it with my thoughts.

The question of what the essence of healing is gets at the essence of this journey. When I thought today about the essence of healing, I felt overwhelmed; how can I begin to understand the essence of True healing? Yet, that is the intended movement of consciousness for this journey. What is the essence of healing?

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