For healing, look to your own Loving Presence. Journey of Healing: day 03

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for
Copyright Tam Black 2013
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I rely on my own Loving Presence to lead and guide me toward the meaning of healing. Seeking the meaning of healing frames all my activity and gives context to all my interactions. Though I may encounter disturbances throughout daily activity, I lay them at the feet of my own Loving Presence and continue to ask, “What is healing?” My own Loving Presence directs me as I listen in the stillness.

These Journeys are work, in that they take some effort. This Journey so far has been for me a 24-hour, every-day effort since I began. In some ways, you might say I am driven. I really want to understand this! I want to know! I want to “get it”. So I am pushing myself a bit–going deeper into my heart, into my questioning, into my seeking.

Sometimes the work is fun; sometimes I am light and laughing and crying with joy–FUN! This journey so far has not been that kind of fun. It has been intense, and intensity can have its own reward. At every turn, with each moment, something new has presented itself in my mind/emotions that has demanded my attention to its healing. If I thought there was effort to separating the chaff from the wheat in the Journey of Worth, it’s an entirely new ball game with healing! It’s almost like now that I have given myself permission to heal, everything is jumping up and saying, “Ooh, me! Heal me!”

This has helped me to understand two things: 1. As long as we walk in a world that sees everything as separate, individual, disparate, EVERYTHING requires healing. Until we see/experience/Know only the Oneness of Divine Love, everything must be released/forgiven/transformed.  2. This is why “everything” is jumping up to be healed!

With everything that has begged for my healing-attention, I have followed my practice and asked, “How is this healing?” With every moment I transform my thoughts, my interactions with a repetition of, “Divine Love, heal my mind, heal my heart.” With each repetition, life gets lighter. It may not feel like it in the moment, but each moment offered to Divine Love for healing transforms the next moment, and the next.

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