Seek healing, seek wholeness. Journey of Healing: Day 04

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for
Copyright Tam Black 2013
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To heal and be healed is to be aware; to understand and to Know Wholeness.  Thus I seek Wholeness, Unity, Oneness within my own mind and heart, and in all my actions and affairs. I focus on uniting the fragments within myself, so that I see only Oneness, which is the Truth of my Self. As I Know myself as the Oneness that I am, this Truth reflects in the world around me, confirming what I Know through my experience in my life activity. 

Wholeness – Unity – Oneness…these things are the Truth of Being, yet we see separation and fragmentation; we feel apart, alone, lonely. We look upon the world with eyes that confirm to us that the world “out there” is not who I am; it is not-I. You are not me.

Yet…If I know (somehow) that what I see when I look at the world is not who I am…I must know who I am (somehow) to know it is not who I am.

I can conclude that I do (somehow) know who I am, even if I don’t know that I know or how I know. I do know.

When I look at separation to determine that it is not who I am, I am actually affirming that I am not separate. I am more than what my eyes see, what my eyes determine to be objects, things, or people who are not me.

With every recognition of something or someone as not-me, I am affirming and recognizing my Self as more than those pieces and fragments that my eyes discern–my Self as Whole and not other. My Self as One.

You point me to the Truth of my Self. By showing me the “other” I see as you, you show me Oneness with my Self.

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