Appreciate yourself. Journey of Healing: Day 29

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for
Copyright Tam Black 2013
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I rest in calming Light. Light inhabits my mind, surrounds every thought, and radiates out to All. All radiates Light. Everywhere is Light. I am Light.

Resting is good. Calming is good. We are doing some real work here on this Journey. There must be a balance between intent, focus, and “getting the job done” and relaxing enough to let the job you’ve done work within you. It’s a bit like letting the grout set for 24 hours after tiling. The grout solidifies, hardens, and becomes usable. Resting in calming light does that for all the effort you have put into deciding to be aware, choosing wholeness, connecting with your own Loving Presence. Now it’s time to let those ideas permeate through you, solidify, and become useable.

Take this day to take care of yourself. Appreciate yourself. Thank yourself for the hard work you have done.

Let your light shine. No thoughts. Just let it be. And be at Peace.

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