Just a bit more. Journey of Healing: Day 30

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

I give today to Light. I feel the Light within pour forth; I feel my radiance, my glow. I see—with my inner eye—this light envelop and infuse all I encounter, all my words, and all my actions. I watch as others resonate with me, their light growing brighter in the sanctity of my own. To all beings and all situations today, I offer only light, and learn, as I do, the wholeness of my Self.

It only takes one moment, one thought to Know the Unity of Whole Love and Peace with All. These Guiding Thoughts—and so many others—give us the doorway to Knowing. We just need to walk through. Yet, I plod; I practice; I work at it.  If it only takes one thought why do I have to do this every day? Why am I not just there?

I think about this a lot. What does it take to achieve that one moment, that one thought? What am I not doing, what do I need to do for this thought to be the one?

I guess if I had the answer, I would be there.

As I was working through this Guiding Thought, I was thinking about this. Today, the clues I got were: sincerity and dedication. I dug as deeply as I could today to be as sincere as possible in offering light to the world. My thoughts moved within my daily activity—watching as light infused my work place, my colleagues, my friends, my family, watching them smile with me, feeling the warmth of the unseen light. I thought, as I was seeing this, “I dedicate this light to you, to your light, to your in-lighten-ment.”

Then my thoughts moved to spiritual practitioners throughout the world, to people committed to bringing light to the world. I offered them light and dedicated the light to them.

Then my thoughts moved to people in pain, those who are suffering…and to the world’s political leaders…offering light, dedicating light. >I love being in “that space”. I love taking the time to think in these ways. The 20 or 30 or 50 minutes I have before starting my day often seems too little. <

My thoughts then moved to “higher” spiritual beings, and offering light to them. At first I thought, “why do they need my light!?” but as I sat with it/them the boundaries of “them” and “me” disappeared and I understood—just a bit more—the Wholeness of myself.

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