Shimmering without light, rippling without movement. Journey of Healing: Day 32

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for
Copyright Tam Black 2013
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I go deep within my inner stillness, and feel Divine Mind’s presence within me. I hold out my empty hands, symbolic of leaving preconceptions behind; symbolic of seeking True answers, and I ask, “What is the essence of healing?” These words resonate within me, as though in a vast cavern.  The word essence reverberates with these thoughts, “For what do I care most deeply?” “What is my own essence? What is my Truth?” “Where is my deepest hurt, where is my pain, where is my sorrow (that I may be healed)?”

It seems for the first time on this Journey I am able to really go into the Guiding Thought. For the first time, I am allowing myself to feel it, to participate deeply in the movement of my mind into itself, into Divine mind. At other times on this Journey, my mind stayed at the surface, thinking superficially about the words, not letting my Self lead me.

Today I was in the cavern, my hands out, interacting with the stillness, with the vastness. All around me was darkness that felt full, vibrant, and responsive…it reverberated. As I asked into the darkness about the essence of healing, I felt a shimmering without light, a rippling without movement. And I just stood, hands out, feeling. Essence is not something to be defined, labeled, put in a compartment with the words, “this is it!” on the door. Essence is subtle. You Know it when you Know it; you feel it when you feel it, and slowly it teaches you of itself, beyond words. The words may come later, but at first there is just reverberation in vastness.

It was the same feeling when I moved to asking about what I care for most deeply. The response was the shimmer without light, the ripple without movement, the Knowing beyond words. I was getting an answer… but it’s an answer I don’t understand (yet).

Understanding is the bridge between awareness and Knowing.  The bridge is two directional and dialectical. It’s two directional because I can move from awareness to Knowing through understanding, or I can move from Knowing to awareness through understanding. Dialectical means that once a new understanding occurs, I am changed and approach the next step anew, and with my new approach, the encounter is also changed. I change, the situation changes, the new situation changes me.  With each new point of awareness, I move into a new point of understanding, which takes me into deeper Knowing, which turns around to give me new understanding, and new awareness… Two directional ends up being a dialectic cycle (see below/click for larger version). The point of course, is to get out of the cycle and just reside in Knowing.

All of this intellectualizing came after the contemplation of the Guiding Thought. In some ways, it’s a bit ironic—thoughts and words remove me from the Knowing, because I am translating the experience. At the same time, words give me a greater understanding of the process, and of myself. They give me a tool; they help me share. I hope for you, that you experience your own Knowing; that you sit with the vastness of your Self and vibrate in tune with the stillness. If my words help you understand, may any good that results be dedicated to you achieving enlightenment.

Graphic made for Dec. 2013
Graphic made for
Dec. 2013

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