Waking up. Journey of Healing: Day 35

Guiding Thought

My own Loving Presence is my personal connection with Divine Mind. Attuned to my own Loving Presence, I Know myself as whole and holy. As I feel my inner unity, I know: this is all I want; I have found all I seek.

These Guiding Thoughts (indeed, the entire Journey!) are designed to move the consciousness closer and closer to accepting (and experiencing) the Truth of the reality of Oneness. That’s why I’ve dubbed these “Consciousness Journeys”.  They are intended to give small steps, every day, that are not threatening to your belief system’s status quo (so to say).

Doing each day of these Journeys is kind of like waking up in the morning; sometimes it’s a vibrant, refreshed day, sometimes it’s a sluggish day; sometimes it’s a single cup of coffee day, sometimes it’s four cups. Sometimes the morning routine is right on track, everything is just where it is supposed to be, the kids (two-legged or four-legged) are being with you right in the flow, sometimes everything is just totally out-of-place and nothing is working right. It’s not the routine that changes, it’s the waking up, it’s the emotional-mental state of waking up.

It’s no mistake that one metaphor for becoming enlightened is to wake up. Becoming enlightened—moving the consciousness into realizing the Truth of Oneness—really is like waking up, as I’ve described above. Some days are really vibrant days, other days are sluggish and nothing works quite right, some days there is a real flow, some days there is real resistance. That is why I have options for the frequency and intensity of doing these guiding thoughts. Sometimes only 5 minutes on “skim” is all my mind can handle. Other days, I can sit for hours in the flow and be reluctant to leave.

In the morning routine, there are things I have learned I can do that make my morning flow more smoothly—prepare the coffee pot the night before, know what I am going to wear and even lay it out, have my lunch ready to take, etc. My mood may be vibrant or sluggish but with these things prepared, I am not prone to being agitated—at least not by those things. As I learn more things I can do to keep my morning on track, my morning goes more smoothly.

Similarly, there are things you can do with your consciousness to make the Guiding Thoughts go smoothly, release resistance, and move your consciousness just a little bit forward. Here are some things I have found that help me: 1) Think about someone else. Who might need Love today more than you? Who has deep healing that they are struggling with? Any little energy “push” you can give will be beneficial. 2) Submit.  If you like the phrases I use (Loving Presence, Divine Mind, etc), then give your will, your intention, and your outcome over/up to them. If you prefer to think in terms of Holy Spirit, Christ, Allah, Guruji, Infinite Universe, Mother Earth, give your will and intention up to that which you prefer. Just put your mind (your will and intention) into the hands of someone you trust to guide you well. 3) Keep going. Some days, when I feel resistant, I just want to STOP. But stopping would be a reinforcement of my current consciousness; stopping would let it get comfortable, then tomorrow it might be harder for me to move it that little bit more. So I keep going, just a little bit. I hunker down and decide that I am going to move just a little bit…and I don’t stop until I do. That little bit of movement shows my current consciousness that it will not tighten its grip, that I will continue to grow and learn and become awake.

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