The mind must be taught to perceive anew. Journey of Healing: Day 36

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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As I unite in consciousness with my own Loving Presence, I unite with Divine Mind. Divine Mind is Infinite Being—it is now, here, always. I exist in Divine Mind, as it does in me, united forever—One. It leads me to itself through my consciousness of my Self: my consciousness of my Self, as Infinite Being is Oneness with Divine Mind, is my Peace, is my wholeness, is my Unity with All.

I am the impetus. I am that which initiates everything that I experience and how I experience it.

There are only two directions that I can choose: wholeness/unity/oneness or division/separation.

My brain, in this body, experiencing space and time, is accustomed and habituated to choosing separation. That’s how it is made. It perceives through the 5 senses and it discerns, evaluates, separates, filters, and judges (See Aristotle). Then it chooses what it thinks is most valuable, based on…

Based on what?

…Based on familiarity. Or comfort.  Or pleasure. Or habit. Or ease. Or hunger. Or boredom.  Or avoidance. Or social constructs. Or economic forces. Or ambition. Or ignorance…or based any number of other things that drive human beings in this world.

All of these things that drive people—comfort, pleasure, hunger, ambition, etc. originate in the world, which is a world derived from separation.

As long as I am making choices in the world, about the world, I have already made the choice for separation. The choice of separation is the default—a tautology (“I am this way because that’s the way I am”). It’s what my eyes see, what my body experiences, what the social, class, race, gender-constructs reinforce.

If physical experiences orient our mind toward separation; if human sense-organs “automatically” divide and filter, how do human beings get past this? When all our conditioning tells us that reality is value-based, divisible, and able to be judged based on qualities that are random or pre-determined, how can people get out of this?

I have a choice. After all, I am the impetus. Who thinks in my head? Who has my thoughts? Who makes my decisions?

The mind must be taught to perceive anew, to “see” Oneness, rather than separation. Consciousness must be shifted into an awareness of Oneness.  From the conditioning of the world, the mind must be pulled to operate under the assumptions, habits, and motivations of Unity, rather than division and separation. Each person has this choice; each person has this responsibility.

Once Oneness becomes the experience…why would anyone want to live in a world of separation?

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