Sacred Peace. Journey of Healing: Day 39

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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I rest in calming Light. Light inhabits my mind, surrounds every thought, and radiates out to All. All radiates Light. Everywhere is Light. I am Light.

Every time during this Journey, when I have gotten to the 9th day of the round—today—I have just breathed a thankful sigh, felt a weight lift, and relaxed.  It’s that “rest” thing—I have permission to rest!

This time of year, for many people, activity increases. There is more shopping to do, more cooking to do, more cleaning, more trips to the post office, more travelling. Everything increases; everything must get done!

I have memories of going to Christmas Eve Mass, with the stillness of the church, the candles, and most of all, the smell of frankincense and myrrh. All of this combined for me in a feeling of sacred peace.  It washed over and through my body, dispelled any thought that was not peaceful, and filled me with serenity and light. This feeling has continued to be what I think about, what I strive for, when this time of year comes.

I go out and hustle and bustle with the best of them this time of year. But I always make sure that it culminates in sacred peace and serenity.

This is kind of what day 9 of each round of this Journey does for me. During days 1-8, I am working and hustling. Even if it is “only” in/with my consciousness, it is deep and heavy work. When day 9 comes and I read that first sentence, “I rest in calming light”, sacred peace washes over and through me, the light fills me; I am serene and rejuvenated.

May your days of activity culminate in your own sacred peace; may you relax after all your effort;  may light fill you and hold you; may you Know Peace.

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