Overcoming bias. A Journey of Purpose: Day 29

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She is. She is Love. She is kindness. She is filled-full. She has all she seeks, for all she seeks is within her. Now she can be who she knows she is. She shares her Self with all and holds nothing back; she gives All Love. The Fullness of her Self returns to her as every form, person, situation, circumstance, and event that renews her fullness. She need not worry or think about what may be…her Self Knows and orders her life for perfect fulfillment. All she need do is remember her Self…and smile, and breathe, and live.

Today I started by imagining acquaintances and colleagues as the subject of the Guiding Thought in order to expand how I approach it. It was hard. For the people I chose, the collage in my mind, there was a voice in my head that insisted, “They don’t care! They don’t care about being fulfilled, or being kind, or loving for that matter. They have lots of nice things, and want nice things, and don’t even begin to care about being aware of the type of fulfillment I am talking about.”

I know the purpose of choosing “unlikely” people is purposeful for a couple of reasons:

a) It expands my conception of who those “likely” people may be.

b) It helps me to uncover/discover some of my own biases and barriers.

It was difficult but I did it! And I accomplished both (a) and (b) through the six people I chose, but it was a struggle to “see” them caring at all.

Two thoughts arose out of this: 1) I reminded myself of the truth that everyone, regardless of my own bias wants to be deeply fulfilled in Love, Peace, Harmony, and Freedom. If I am to help people “get at” their inner fulfillment, I must be open to “giving All Love” and breaking down my own biases. 2) I had to pause and ask myself, “Am I wholly willing to accept and to live my highest purpose?” If I am “seeing” resistance in others, there may be some resistance within myself. So, I took a moment to commit, dedicate, confirm, invite, and welcome (again) my purpose.

From this point of my re-dedication, I became the subject of the next repetition of the Guiding Thought. With the strength of my re-affirmation, I was able to see myself giving All Love as light-streamers extending from my energy field.

I was reminded of John Randolph Price’s description of one of his visualizations: “I saw the visible supply returning to me in waves…and I watched it coming from all around the world, closer and closer until, in my imagination, I felt the waves engulf me and almost take my breath away.”* I realized that in most of my visualizations, I don’t ever “see” the supply returning to me. So in this visualization, I saw the love-as-light, as traffic, on a two-way street (yes, really…a little mundane, I know, but it worked). All of the cars-as-love-as-light were going out from me, and returning back to me as everything that I want/need to fulfill my purpose.

As I was solidly feeling this, my visualization concluded with two friends (much more aligned with their purpose than the colleagues from the beginning) who joined me in the radiating/receiving.


*Price, John Randolph. The Abundance Book. Quartus Books, Boerne TX. 1987. P. 49 http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=2348

Touching the essence of another. A Journey of Purpose: Day 28

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Today he erases all he thinks he knows of his Inner Divine Mind. He is changing. He is changed. All is new. With a blank slate of pure luminescence, he waits, simply feeling his inner glow.


He wants this! He invites this! He welcomes this!

He allows himself to change, to become more attuned to his Self, more aligned with his Self, and more congruent with his Highest Purpose. As he waits and watches his Highest Purpose appears as his activities, as people, and circumstances. He breathes, he smiles, and he lives.

I did the statement three times, with a different visual for each time.

In the first, I was an ethereal observer of the “he” in the thought. He was sitting on a high hill, in a meditation pose. I was floating above him speaking with a wise being about him. When I came to the sentence in the thought that says “he waits, simply feeling his inner glow”, I paused and watched him. I felt the calm peace of his waiting and the vibrancy of his inner glow. I could feel his inner and outer awareness—of the breeze gently blowing his hair, of the rocks on which he sat pressing into his flesh and muscle, of his passing-noticing of these things without dwelling on them, moving with the movement of his mind. I felt his awareness of the inner glow and feeling of wanting to remain in that glow, but knowing that there would be a time for getting up and performing life’s activities, and being aware of him letting those thoughts pass too.

The second repetition, I did much the same as the first, with a different person as the “he”. It was (as it often is) interesting to me that the feeling of my mind touching this person was different from the first person. People always “feel” different. There is, I think, an element of imagination, or creative thinking, or visualizing that I control or “insert” into the thought, the meditation, the mind-extension, but it also seems there is an element of really touching the essence or energy of another person. It’s palpable, tangible, but it’s not at all physical.

The third repetition of this one was like having hundreds of still-shots of all sorts of people flipping through my mind as the “he”. They were all “him”. Every second, there were 4-5 different people “sitting” in front of me, each one participating as I spoke the thought out loud, to the world about  “him”.

The only Life there is. A Journey of Purpose: Day 27

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Of herself she is nothing, yet in union with Inner Divine Mind, through her Own Loving Presence, she is everything and has everything. As she infuses her consciousness with Knowledge of her Inner Divine Mind, her activity expresses this Union and she experiences life. She breathes in this life. She smiles with Joy and Gratitude, and she affirms:  “I LIVE.”

The life that she breathes in is the life that is the union of her and Inner Divine Mind.

Yet, the union of “her” and Divine Mind is really Divine Mind expressing through her, as her. There. Is. Only. Divine Mind. Ever.

The life we share with Divine Mind is not “shared” at all, but the only Life there is. It is the same Life experienced and expressed as each of us, within each of us.

Joy and gratitude for Life! No wonder I smile!

Life’s best motif. A Journey of Purpose: Day 26

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Today he relaxes with confidence in the activity of his Inner Divine Mind. He allows it to express its true nature of all-sufficiency and all-supply in his life and affairs. Today, his only responsibility is to protect his Own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow. If he feels uncertain, he remembers his Source; if he feels weak, he remembers his Inner Flow; if he feels doubt, he assures himself of his Inner Knowing and is free.

I had several different visualizations today involving “him”.

First, I chose men I know, but men, I think, who are not much drawn to the spiritual ways, and thought of them as I repeated the Guiding Thought.

Then an ancient sage and I met in a field and he repeated the Guiding thought to me as images of the world’s political leaders passed in front of us.

Finally, the same ancient sage and a friend were standing on a small stage/platform in front of a small audience—maybe 20 people—like at a small meeting-house, or in a large living room. The audience was seated on folding wooden chairs with red velvet cushions and the ancient sage was saying the Guiding Thought to the audience about my friend.  While he was speaking, my friend seemed very passive. I was in the audience watching. My expression and excitement level were that of as watching something fascinating. I sat wide-eyed and excited. I reacted as though watching the most mesmerizing magic show I had ever seen. I then noticed my friend’s energy field had become effervescent, like he was carbonated. All these little bubbles were rising up within him, bubbling out of his head and “popping” as they rose. They began rising from his head/neck, then from his upper spine, and finally, slowly from lower down his spine; the bubbles began to rise up.

After all this, my thoughts made a tangent and I felt a life-long recurring theme/feeling of wanting to help people, wanting to help people heal, wanting to show people there is a different way, a way out of pain and suffering.

I am…and so are you. A Journey of Purpose: Day 25

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Her Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within and share it. The Truth within – her Inner Divine Mind – flows constantly and purely. As she goes deeper in her awareness, the current of this broadens, strengthens, and brightens. It fills her and pours forth. This is her Source; the Source of all her good, all her happiness, and all her abundance. She awakens to her Inner Divine Mind and invites it to express itself as every person and event that will increase her awareness of it.

Today I did the Guiding thought several different ways. First, I was back on a stage in the middle of a huge football stadium, full of 80,000 saints, sages, gurus, and teachers. On stage with me was my teacher (like in a dream, I don’t really know this person…if he is fiction, or from a past life, or a transcended being who likes to visit me…). I was an aspirant at one step of being “initiated” into a wisdom-path. My teacher was speaking to the audience, so I was the “she” and the “her” whom the “guiding thought/statement” referenced. It was a very somber ceremony—there was no cheering like the first time in this stadium.

At one point, all of the people in the audience were “becoming aware of Inner Divine Mind” with me. The “current” in all of us broadened, strengthened, brightened, and overflowed all together. I watched it rise up in them as light and all the light from each person seemed directed to me. As my own light rose up within me, it went out to each of them. I then realized each person had infinite streams going out to every other person. We all were connected through our streams radiating from Inner Divine Mind. And I realized this happens with every person…all the time.

In the second and third visualizations I had, I was also on the stage surrounded by the saints, sages, and gurus but I was the one “introducing” two of my friends to the crowd. Unlike me, when I was introduced to the audience, these friends were not aspirants or spiritual seekers—they were just who they are. It was much more like an introduction than an induction.

I introduced my first friend and definitely felt her light. As the “I” in the visualization was doing the presenting, the “I” watching thought, “Oh, yes…I love her so much; she is so joyful and kind and earnest in her wanting to bring help and joy to others”, while the “I” in the visualization watched her grow brighter and smile a huge smile.

The introduction of my second friend was more somber, more like an oath-taking ceremony.  He was committing to his awareness of his Inner Divine Mind. At the end of the thought-visualization, when I came to the words, “he invites it to express itself”, we did it as though he were taking an oath:

Me: Repeat after me, “I invite my Inner Divine Mind”

Him: “I invite my Inner Divine Mind”

Me: “to express itself as”

Him: “to express itself as”

Me: “every person and event”

Him: “every person and event”

Me: “that will increase my awareness of it.”

Him: “that will increase my awareness of it.”

My concluding thought for the day was:

For every person I encounter today, I am the person at the event who increases that person’s awareness of his or her Inner Divine Mind.

Let it be…A Journey of Purpose: Day 24

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Pre-Guiding Thought Sharing

This morning I said these three statements to myself and thought deeply about the words before beginning:

I remember my commitment to my purpose.

I dedicate these moments to the benefit of All.

I invite God into my awareness and expression.


His Inner Divine Mind is always expressing itself in all ways through his Own Loving Presence. This is its True Nature, thus this is his True Nature. He turns to his Inner Divine Mind as the Source of his happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. He allows it to flow through his Own Loving Presence and appear as all his activity, as every visible form and experience he could desire.

I’ve been feeling more my own Loving Presence as the Me of me. When I feel my own Loving Presence as the Me of me, I just need to let it be. Let it be… Let it be…Let it be ME*! (I’m just having some fun here).

Since it is me, the more I let it be me, the more I am my true nature, the more I feel the flow, the more I see that I need to allow and watch my own Loving Presence.

I don’t have to do anything; everything falls into place. Everything is as it should be.

It’s the integration of my own Loving Presence as me that I feel.

As I think about the future, or about things I want (or think I want), I understand there are certain thoughts or certain wants that stop or inhibit the flow.

Here are some different types of thoughts and a bit of a description of my findings about how they affect the flow:

  • Imaginative/creative thoughts that I can allow continuing, with no investment in whether or not they really happen…open the flow.
  • Non-specific invitation thoughts for divine mind to bring me fulfillment… open the flow.
  • Specific thoughts about wanting the perfect job or the perfect car…inhibit the flow.
  • Dissatisfied thoughts about my current life activities… inhibit the flow.

*Lyrics to “Let it Be Me”

In the kind word you speak
In the turn of the cheek
(In the turn of the cheek)
When your vision stays clear
In the face of your fear
(In the face of your fear)

Then you see turning out a light switch
Is their only power
When we stand like spotlights
In a mighty tower
All for one and one for all
Then we sing the common call

Let it be me
(This is not a fighting song)
Let it be me
(Not a wrong for a wrong)
Let it be me
If the world is night
Shine my life like a light

Building trust with Loving Presence. A Journey of Purpose: Day 23

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Pre-Guiding Thought Sharing

This morning I said these three statements to myself and thought deeply about the words before beginning:

I remember my commitment to my purpose.

I dedicate these moments to the benefit of All.

I invite God into my awareness and expression.


She is now fully conscious of her own Loving Presence which seeks expression through her. Her own Loving Presence Knows her heart and Knows her happiness. It Knows how to fulfill her heart and bring her joy by placing her in right situations, with right people, at right times where she may fully express her purpose. She submits her mind and heart, all her thoughts, words, and actions to her Own Loving Presence to be lifted to her vision and plan for her life.

I was “watching” “her” as I read through this. Each time I read, “She is now fully conscious of her own Loving Presence”, I “saw” her become fully conscious. In becoming fully conscious, she now Knows that her own Loving Presence Knows her heart and her happiness. She also Knows that her own Loving Presence Knows how to fulfill her (and, yesterday’s thoughts flowed in my mind, that what she desires is Peace, Harmony, Love, and Freedom).

I felt there was a lot of trust being built today. It’s like as I was watching “her” consciousness grow, I saw her piecing together how it’s her own consciousness that gives wings to her Loving Presence. When she creates the fertile ground in her consciousness, her own Loving Presence responds by giving her Peace, Harmony, Love, and Freedom. Then she experiences life activity IN Peace, Love, Harmony, and Freedom knowing that it is due to her own Loving Presence fulfilling her, which makes her trust her own Loving Presence even more, which makes her Loving Presence respond, and so on.