Seeing your Self in yourself. A Journey of Purpose: Day 02

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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My own Loving Presence is my Self. I turn my attention inward and become aware of my own Loving Presence. With my focused awareness, my own Loving Presence fills me, grows brighter, and grows warmer. I claim my Self with these words:

I AM My Own Loving Presence. My loving Presence is the Self of myself. I love my Self!

I want to give my Self everything it desires–and my Self wants the same for me. What do I desire, but total Peace, Freedom, Love, and Harmony? These are the infinite and eternal qualities of my Self! I am now aware of the inner activity of my own Loving Presence and I invite it to express itself through me and externalize in my life as circumstances, people, forms, and events that fulfill my desires.


Today, again, was more about feeling the words, feeling their meaning, and feeling their Truth. I do love myself, when I see my Self in myself.  The seeing is like fanning an ember. The more I look to see my Self, the more my awareness of it grows, the “bigger” that Self seems to grow. I say “seems to”, because my Self is and always has been infinite and eternal…it can’t grow…only my awareness of it can.  And as it grows in my awareness I begin to understand how vast “infinite and eternal” is. There is nothing outside of infinite and eternal. It is me. It is you. It is we. It is now. It is then. It is all of these together, all of these individually and every possible combination. Within all those possibilities, there is One Perfect Divine Idea that is seeking expression through me. It’s perfect for me and for you and for everyone. But until we all are aligned with the One Perfect Divine Idea, we experience the chaos of possibility (a.k.a. free will). Each drop of recognizing the Movement and Will of my own Loving Presence “hooks me up” with more “pieces” of the One Perfect Divine Idea– as people, circumstances, events, sequences, etc. I need to keep my awareness on the activity of my own Loving Presence and allow it to express itself through me.