Today simply is. A Journey of Purpose: Day 06

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Today I relax with confidence in the activity of my Inner Divine Mind. I allow it to express its true nature of all-sufficiency and all-supply in my life and affairs. Today, my only responsibility is to protect My Own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow. If I feel uncertain, I remember My Source; If I feel weak, I remember my Inner Flow; If I feel doubt, I assure myself of my Inner Knowing and I am free.


After feeling the “work” of yesterday, today is for just maintaining. There is no push, there is no demand, there is no expectation. Just simply keep yourself stable and involved. Smile frequently today, remembering that you are supported in your efforts. We are in this together, becoming who we are meant to be–fully, deeply, naturally, growing from within. Live! Love! Be.