The fulfillment you seek. A Journey of Purpose: Day 07

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Of myself I am nothing, yet in union with My Inner Divine Mind, through My Own Loving Presence, I am everything and have everything. As I infuse my consciousness with Knowledge of my Inner Divine Mind, my activity expresses this Union and I experience life. I breathe in this life. I smile with Joy and gratitude, and I affirm: I LIVE.


When living in Harmony with Divine Energy – LOVE – PEACE – FAITH – GRACE – the activity of life expresses the meaning of these qualities.  This meaning is deeper than activity but can be seen and felt through the activity.  When focus is on the qualities, the form follows to fulfill these qualities.  When the focus is on the form – on having that car, on that career, or that person…you may get the thing, but not the fulfillment you seek.  Be One with your Divine Energy and let it express itself through you for fulfillment.