Here, now: your highest purpose. A Journey of Purpose: Day 08

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Today I erase all I think I know of my Inner Divine Mind. I am changing. I am changed. All is new. With a blank slate of pure luminescence, I wait, simply feeling my inner glow.


I want this. I invite this. I welcome this!

I allow myself to change, to become more attuned to my Self, more aligned with my Self, and more congruent with my Highest Purpose.

As I wait and watch my Highest Purpose appear in my activities as people and circumstances, I breathe, I smile, and I live.


Remember that the purpose of this Consciousness Journey is to step into your Highest Purpose. It is there, waiting for you; it is here now. You are not creating your purpose: it exists already. That is why you must forget all you think you know about how your Inner Divine Mind will express itself. You don’t know. Letting go of those expectations is the first step to allowing what already exists to be.

The change you are inviting and experiencing is this letting go; it feels like learning, it feels like change, but it is really just the casting off of those parts of you that don’t know, and the embracing of more of the infinite within.

Know that you are the transformation that you invite.  Welcome yourself to your Self and just be.