Relax into activity. A Journey of Purpose: Day 09

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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I am. I am Love. I am kindness. I am filled-full. I have all I seek, for all I seek is within me. Now I can be who I know I am. I share my Self with all and hold nothing back; I give All Love. The Fullness of my Self returns to me as every form, person, situation, circumstance, and event that renews my fullness. I need not worry or think about what may be…my Self Knows and orders my life for my perfect fulfillment. All I need do is remember my Self.

Relax further into the activity of your Inner Divine Mind, the activity of Life. Relax into Life in union with Love. Attune to Divine energy; allow life to be. Become the Life of Love. Let it flow in you, through you, as you. Like a deep stretch; hold the pose and relax into it. If it becomes uncomfortable… breathe into it, then go deeper, little by little.