It’s all enough. A Journey of Purpose: Day 13

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for
Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Be fully conscious of your own Loving Presence which seeks expression through you. Your own Loving Presence Knows your heart and Knows your happiness. It Knows how to fulfill your heart and bring you joy by placing you in right situations, with right people, at right times where you may fully express your purpose. Submit your mind and heart, all your thoughts, words, actions to your own Loving Presence to be lifted to her/his vision and plan for your life.


I often become concerned about (not) “doing enough”. Have I done enough (in terms of the meditation)??

On the one hand, it can be me wanting to be very thorough, very conscientious. On the other hand, it can be my doubt about my worthiness that limits me. I’ve spent almost 30 minutes on the meditation…”is that enough?”…I’ve had thoughts and ideas—all good…but…the flow didn’t quite come. A little bit came, but not a lot. Do I try to sit here until it does come? What’s “wrong” today that I am not feeling the flow? …But I advocate for “only 5 minutes” that’s enough! “How can I believe that for them and not for me?” Right. Good enough. I am good enough; the work I do is enough… and… it’s good!

Just relax and let it come. Keep inviting. Keep working. It’s all enough.

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