There is benefit for all people. A Journey of Purpose: Day 15

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Your Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within you and share it. The Truth within you—your Inner Divine Mind—flows constantly and purely through you. As you go deeper in your awareness, the current of this flow broadens, strengthens, and brightens. It fills you and pours forth. This is Your Source, the Source of all your good, all your happiness, and all your abundance. Awaken now to your Inner Divine Mind and invite it to express itself as every person and event that will increase your awareness of it.

These guiding thoughts are designed to have many layers, to help you go deeper within your own layers.

One layer is simply reading the statement and intellectualizing it, using the logical, rational part of your brain to understand the sequence and meaning of the words. This is an important layer: how do you understand what the words are saying? Understand the words; understand you[r]/Self.

Another layer is opening your feeling-nature to the meaning of the words: what does it feel like to think about your Inner Divine Mind flowing through you? What does that flow feel like as a constant? What does that flow feel like purely? Each sentence, each word, can be felt in this way.

Another layer is in imagining the experience of this intellectual/emotional understanding. What will it be like to experience people and events that increase your awareness of your purpose; of your Inner Divine Mind? What will those experiences look like? * What will they feel like when you are in them?

Yet another layer is in the giving/sharing of these feelings. The perception of the flow, of the experience, changes slightly when you are the recipient of assurance of your Inner Divine Mind. The perception shifts a bit again as you watch, in your mind’s eye, someone else receiving your assurance. You can watch as their flow broadens, strengthens, and grows brighter. You can watch the Joy that comes to them as they awaken. You can watch them fulfilling their purpose.

Notice, as you watch them, your own fulfillment increase within you. Your own awareness increases. You begin to see how, when people live within the expression of their Own Loving Presence, people and events benefit each other. Then you bring this awareness to your life activities. Life hasn’t changed, you still do the things you do: drink coffee, drive to work in traffic, work at your job, have phone calls, meetings, family obligations, financial considerations…but to all of these things you now bring an expectation: there is benefit here for you and for all of the people you encounter;  True benefit. Benefit from the Love you Are and share and inspire. **

With each “round” of these meditations, you have the opportunity to expand/deepen these layers and uncover new ones for yourself. The layers are as infinite as life: Explore!

*A word of caution about imagining outcomes/results/out-picturing: part of expanding is to think and imagine how things will show up. It is a productive, creative use of your mind: these imaginings give you clues to your direction, your unique expression. But, once you are done imagining, remind yourself to rely on and focus on your Inner Source, not the outer picture. It’s great to think about your perfect situation/event/circumstance, but what you want is the perfect Spiritual Idea, not your version of it. Once you have your creative-imagination session, remove your energy and attention from the external and remind yourself of your Inner Source, of your Inner Divine Mind flowing through you, as your Own Loving Presence, as you externalizing the perfect Spiritual Idea of your fulfillment.

**…And…you are still learning, still developing, still in this world. You probably cannot remember your Loving Presence one hundred percent of the time (I sure can’t). If, in the hustle and bustle of life activities, you forget to be patient, loving, kind… when you come back to your Self, just remember to be patient and loving and kind with yourself. Then right any wrongs, internally and externally.

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