I am…and so are you. A Journey of Purpose: Day 25

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Her Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within and share it. The Truth within – her Inner Divine Mind – flows constantly and purely. As she goes deeper in her awareness, the current of this broadens, strengthens, and brightens. It fills her and pours forth. This is her Source; the Source of all her good, all her happiness, and all her abundance. She awakens to her Inner Divine Mind and invites it to express itself as every person and event that will increase her awareness of it.

Today I did the Guiding thought several different ways. First, I was back on a stage in the middle of a huge football stadium, full of 80,000 saints, sages, gurus, and teachers. On stage with me was my teacher (like in a dream, I don’t really know this person…if he is fiction, or from a past life, or a transcended being who likes to visit me…). I was an aspirant at one step of being “initiated” into a wisdom-path. My teacher was speaking to the audience, so I was the “she” and the “her” whom the “guiding thought/statement” referenced. It was a very somber ceremony—there was no cheering like the first time in this stadium.

At one point, all of the people in the audience were “becoming aware of Inner Divine Mind” with me. The “current” in all of us broadened, strengthened, brightened, and overflowed all together. I watched it rise up in them as light and all the light from each person seemed directed to me. As my own light rose up within me, it went out to each of them. I then realized each person had infinite streams going out to every other person. We all were connected through our streams radiating from Inner Divine Mind. And I realized this happens with every person…all the time.

In the second and third visualizations I had, I was also on the stage surrounded by the saints, sages, and gurus but I was the one “introducing” two of my friends to the crowd. Unlike me, when I was introduced to the audience, these friends were not aspirants or spiritual seekers—they were just who they are. It was much more like an introduction than an induction.

I introduced my first friend and definitely felt her light. As the “I” in the visualization was doing the presenting, the “I” watching thought, “Oh, yes…I love her so much; she is so joyful and kind and earnest in her wanting to bring help and joy to others”, while the “I” in the visualization watched her grow brighter and smile a huge smile.

The introduction of my second friend was more somber, more like an oath-taking ceremony.  He was committing to his awareness of his Inner Divine Mind. At the end of the thought-visualization, when I came to the words, “he invites it to express itself”, we did it as though he were taking an oath:

Me: Repeat after me, “I invite my Inner Divine Mind”

Him: “I invite my Inner Divine Mind”

Me: “to express itself as”

Him: “to express itself as”

Me: “every person and event”

Him: “every person and event”

Me: “that will increase my awareness of it.”

Him: “that will increase my awareness of it.”

My concluding thought for the day was:

For every person I encounter today, I am the person at the event who increases that person’s awareness of his or her Inner Divine Mind.