Life’s best motif. A Journey of Purpose: Day 26

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Today he relaxes with confidence in the activity of his Inner Divine Mind. He allows it to express its true nature of all-sufficiency and all-supply in his life and affairs. Today, his only responsibility is to protect his Own Loving Presence from thoughts that block its flow. If he feels uncertain, he remembers his Source; if he feels weak, he remembers his Inner Flow; if he feels doubt, he assures himself of his Inner Knowing and is free.

I had several different visualizations today involving “him”.

First, I chose men I know, but men, I think, who are not much drawn to the spiritual ways, and thought of them as I repeated the Guiding Thought.

Then an ancient sage and I met in a field and he repeated the Guiding thought to me as images of the world’s political leaders passed in front of us.

Finally, the same ancient sage and a friend were standing on a small stage/platform in front of a small audience—maybe 20 people—like at a small meeting-house, or in a large living room. The audience was seated on folding wooden chairs with red velvet cushions and the ancient sage was saying the Guiding Thought to the audience about my friend.  While he was speaking, my friend seemed very passive. I was in the audience watching. My expression and excitement level were that of as watching something fascinating. I sat wide-eyed and excited. I reacted as though watching the most mesmerizing magic show I had ever seen. I then noticed my friend’s energy field had become effervescent, like he was carbonated. All these little bubbles were rising up within him, bubbling out of his head and “popping” as they rose. They began rising from his head/neck, then from his upper spine, and finally, slowly from lower down his spine; the bubbles began to rise up.

After all this, my thoughts made a tangent and I felt a life-long recurring theme/feeling of wanting to help people, wanting to help people heal, wanting to show people there is a different way, a way out of pain and suffering.

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