The only Life there is. A Journey of Purpose: Day 27

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Of herself she is nothing, yet in union with Inner Divine Mind, through her Own Loving Presence, she is everything and has everything. As she infuses her consciousness with Knowledge of her Inner Divine Mind, her activity expresses this Union and she experiences life. She breathes in this life. She smiles with Joy and Gratitude, and she affirms:  “I LIVE.”

The life that she breathes in is the life that is the union of her and Inner Divine Mind.

Yet, the union of “her” and Divine Mind is really Divine Mind expressing through her, as her. There. Is. Only. Divine Mind. Ever.

The life we share with Divine Mind is not “shared” at all, but the only Life there is. It is the same Life experienced and expressed as each of us, within each of us.

Joy and gratitude for Life! No wonder I smile!