Touching the essence of another. A Journey of Purpose: Day 28

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Today he erases all he thinks he knows of his Inner Divine Mind. He is changing. He is changed. All is new. With a blank slate of pure luminescence, he waits, simply feeling his inner glow.


He wants this! He invites this! He welcomes this!

He allows himself to change, to become more attuned to his Self, more aligned with his Self, and more congruent with his Highest Purpose. As he waits and watches his Highest Purpose appears as his activities, as people, and circumstances. He breathes, he smiles, and he lives.

I did the statement three times, with a different visual for each time.

In the first, I was an ethereal observer of the “he” in the thought. He was sitting on a high hill, in a meditation pose. I was floating above him speaking with a wise being about him. When I came to the sentence in the thought that says “he waits, simply feeling his inner glow”, I paused and watched him. I felt the calm peace of his waiting and the vibrancy of his inner glow. I could feel his inner and outer awareness—of the breeze gently blowing his hair, of the rocks on which he sat pressing into his flesh and muscle, of his passing-noticing of these things without dwelling on them, moving with the movement of his mind. I felt his awareness of the inner glow and feeling of wanting to remain in that glow, but knowing that there would be a time for getting up and performing life’s activities, and being aware of him letting those thoughts pass too.

The second repetition, I did much the same as the first, with a different person as the “he”. It was (as it often is) interesting to me that the feeling of my mind touching this person was different from the first person. People always “feel” different. There is, I think, an element of imagination, or creative thinking, or visualizing that I control or “insert” into the thought, the meditation, the mind-extension, but it also seems there is an element of really touching the essence or energy of another person. It’s palpable, tangible, but it’s not at all physical.

The third repetition of this one was like having hundreds of still-shots of all sorts of people flipping through my mind as the “he”. They were all “him”. Every second, there were 4-5 different people “sitting” in front of me, each one participating as I spoke the thought out loud, to the world about  “him”.

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