Any progress is progress. A Journey of Purpose: Day 30

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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The world awaits His expression!  He is here to align with his purpose, participate with life, and share his Self. With each moment he spends cultivating his Own Loving Presence to be attuned with Inner Divine Mind’s expression, the more he encounters the Perfect Spiritual Idea in his life activities. He chooses to be aware.  He chooses to understand. He chooses to Know. He chooses Life!

I started thinking, “Are we there yet…?” 30 days, with 10 more to go; this is feeling like a LONG drawn-out process. I am wondering who (in their right mind) does this?! 40 days of consciousness journey, what am I doing? I thought about slacking; I thought about reading the Guiding Thought quickly, just running through it to get through it, doing what I said I would do, but doing it minimally…

These thoughts came and went. Then I became aware of them.

In response to that, I thought, “YOU do this.” It was almost accusatory, reproachful, as though I could not believe that I was considering slacking. “You DO this” I thought again more persistently to myself. “You are relying on you. You must give all.”

So I pushed and I dug and I focused. I felt my mind shift—not a lot, but enough. I felt myself go deeper, feeling what’s real, feeling the point where I know I’ve pushed past something that was a limitation, nudging my consciousness into more, and out of lazy-indifferent-stuck-comfort.

Sometimes I am able to push hard, go really deep, and challenge my consciousness to move further and further into the infinite well of being. Sometimes I am, but not today. Today was a small step, a tiny step. Nonetheless, it was expansive. I did not stay within my own limits, I did not constrict. Even the smallest of movements forward are still movements forward.

I could have taken the easy road, which was really a tread mill taking me nowhere, or I could have relaxed and allowed my lazy-mind to convince me that less is more. Instead, just the smallest bit of effort—of remembering I want to transform, of remembering I want to live my purpose, of remembering I am happy when I am expanding—took me over the hump.

And it made a difference. I can feel it.

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