Receptivity and release. A Journey of Purpose: Day 37

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Copyright Tam Black 2013
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Of myself I am nothing, yet in union with my Inner Divine Mind, through my Own Loving Presence, I am everything and have everything. As I infuse my consciousness with Knowledge of my Inner Divine Mind, my activity expresses this Union and I experience life. I breathe in this life. I smile with Joy and gratitude, and I affirm: I LIVE.

Sometimes I think I’m not doing enough. Actually I think that a lot. Even in considering these Guiding Thoughts, I seem to think there needs to be more. That if there aren’t bells and whistles, sparkles and streamers, somehow, I am not doing enough. Even when I feel the flow; even when it feels just good and warm and normally fine, I want to make something happen.


Wait, “good and warm” seems “normally fine”? That may be a breakthrough in itself. Does that mean I am becoming comfortable with a certain level of feeling the flow of Inner Divine Mind? Does that mean, perhaps, I have expanded to a point where I easily allow a certain level of awareness?


It’s interesting isn’t it? Part of the point is to allow Divine Mind to flow through me, so that life activity is infused with its presence, rather than my own. Yet, I think that “I’m not doing enough”. On the one hand, I am asking for greater presence of Divine Mind. On the other hand, I want to “make it happen” (control it?). It’s no wonder that Divine Mind must be present in subtle ways, to infuse and flow slowly but consistently (sometimes a trickle or long drop) so I can notice…but also be aware… it is not me doing it. Allowing and letting go—receptivity and release—are the two tensions at work here; one, pulling me to express itself; the other, being willing to allow the pureness of that expression.

Only in that expression, of life activity in union with Divine Mind, do I experience the life beyond the activity.

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