Mission Possible. A Journey of Purpose: Day 40

Copyright Tam Black 2013 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2013
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

This journey concludes today, February 11, 2014, with this article. An “Afterword” to this Journey will be posted in the coming 7-10 days.


The world awaits my expression!  I am here to align with my purpose, participate with life, and share my Self. With each moment I spend cultivating My Own Loving Presence to be attuned with my Inner Divine Mind’s expression, the more I encounter the Perfect Spiritual Idea in my life activities. I choose to be aware! I choose to understand! I choose to know! I choose Life.

“Your mission should you choose to accept it”…

That’s how I feel. For the past 39 days I have been accepting and solidifying the acceptance of my mission.

But more than that, I’ve also been discovering what my mission is, just what particular expression the world “awaits”.

And even more than that, I’ve started the expression—I’ve started it!

There are at least three different layers to the expression:

– The end of this journey…

– While this is the ending of a 40-day journey, it is also the beginning of new life expression and a continuation of the journey. Life purpose doesn’t stop just because the journey does. There is so much yet to learn!

– There is really only one journey. Whatever I call it, the journey is to total peace, one love, life. These 40-day consciousness journeys are segments of the road, you on your road and I on mine; learning together who we are, accepting, giving, and sharing.

Thank you for joining me.

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