Receiving Divine Love’s Effects. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 02

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Copyright Tam Black 2014
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I now invite, welcome, and receive the effects of Divine Love…and I am truly grateful.

I experience Divine Mind as I experience its effects and Divine Presence confirms itself in my life, activities, and affairs.


First, I think about “invite-welcome-receive”.

Invite: This connotes distance over time and space. An invitation is for the future, to someone (or something, as in this case) who is not currently physically present.

Welcome: A welcome occurs “here and now” so to speak. A welcome is with words, gestures, demonstrations of warm-warmheartedness or good will to someone who is immediately physically present.

Receive: this means to accept or to bring into, as in a home, a heart, or a mind.

In the first sentence, each of these is invoked—an invitation for the future, a warm recognition of arrival, and an acceptance of the effects of Divine Love.

Second, I think about “the effects of Divine Love”.

Divine Love is immaterial, insubstantial, yet it is also the Source and Substance of everything. Divine Love cannot be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted. How do I know Divine Love exists or is real? …Because I experience the effects of Divine Love.

Experiencing the effects of Divine Love presupposes the presence of Divine Love, like watching leaves blow in faraway treetops presupposes the presence of a breeze, even if there is no breeze blowing on the ground.

Experiencing the effects of Divine Love is like what King David experienced when he referred to, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.” In the midst of an otherwise unfavorable situation (“enemies”), there was a feast prepared—his needs were cared for with enough good will and food to share with his enemies.

In the face of that type of certainty and being cared-for, how can one not overflow with gratitude?

Divine Love is always ready, willing, and able to give us its effects. It’s up to us to invite, welcome, and receive them.

This is why/how “I experience Divine Mind as I experience those effects”.

Divine Mind is ALWAYS thinking Divine Love. Divine Mind is accessible to me through my own mind. It’s up to me to direct my mind to think about Divine Love, and when I do, I am experiencing Divine Mind.

I experience Divine Mind by moving my thoughts ever-toward alignment with Divine Minds thoughts of Divine Love. “What’s for dinner tonight? (Divine Love)”; “How am I going to get that done? (Divine Love)”; “When will I have time to? (Divine Love)”; “Arrggh! That really pisses me off! (Divine Love)”. [A bit more detail on Thinking Divine Love here.]

Just bringing the thought of Divine Love into your mind begins to bring the experience of Divine Love into your life. The “trick” is to do it enough so that you are experiencing more of the effects of Divine Mind (Divine Love) than the effects of your own mind. Humans have over 50,000 thoughts daily. How many of yours are of Divine Love? What effects are you experiencing?

The more I direct my mind to think with Divine Mind about Divine Love, the more I invite Divine Love’s effects.

As I experience Divine Love’s effects, I must be aware enough to be grateful, which demonstrates to Divine Mind that I welcome and receive those effects.

I receive Divine Love’s effects in my physical, material experience, all my activities, interactions, and affairs.

As I receive Divine Love’s effects, my mind receives confirmation that the effort of being directed toward Divine Love is so absolutely worth it.

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