Intention Sets Direction, Brings about Experience. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 04

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My Self wills only to extend itself. Extending, sharing, creating as Divine Love, through Divine Mind, is my sole purpose. My Self knows its fullness in Divine Love and wills only to liberate me to fulfill my purpose and my joy.


Purpose, Joy, Extending, or Sharing all fit together in fulfillment. Sharing Divine Love, though, is key. I can share or extend other things that are not of Divine Love, but these things do not fulfill my purpose and thus do not release my Joy.

When I share things that are rooted in exclusion or judgment, division or separation, arrogance or greed (which includes fear of loss or fear of scarcity), I am withholding my Self. I am limiting the un-limitable—or at least I am attempting to! But how much wasteful energy is this, trying to impossibly limit the infinite?

Not to mention the damper that puts on Joy.

Only I can block my joy; only I can withhold my purpose. I am the only one that limits me.

Why do I fight against my Self? It’s not intentional, I assure you.

But wait… “intentional”… intentional…I can say glibly, “it’s not intentional”, but what really is my intent?

In so many situations, how often do things “just happen”? How often can I say, “I didn’t mean for it to happen”? Underlying these is the implied, “It’s not my fault” and “I’m not responsible”.

Yet, I am the only one who thinks my thoughts, sets my goals, decides my direction, and catalyzes my intentions.

I am the only one that limits me; I am the only one that liberates me.

Everything I experience I have asked for—I have intended, although I may not be aware of what I have intended.

Either I can decide an outcome in advance and be aware of my intention, or a situation can “just happen” and I can try to figure out what it means after the fact.

Which is preferable? I choose intentional action.

In light of this, I have a new guideline, assisted by today’s guiding thought. As I go through my day, my goal is to extend my Self through Divine Mind, creating with Divine Love, and to extend Divine Love through my Self, creating with Divine Mind. I repeat this; I remind myself. As “things happen”, this intention becomes my standard for evaluation:

  • Have I thought with Divine Mind?
  • Have I acted in Love, sharing?
  • Have I been inclusive?
  • Have I focused on wholeness, cooperation, good will?
  • Am I joyful?

I experience. I observe. I assess and evaluate. I modify and change…(I remember Divine Love just a little bit more; I am kind, just a little bit more; I am patient, just a little bit more; I express my Self, just a little bit more)…then I have new experiences…