Remembering Forgetting. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 05

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Copyright Tam Black 2014
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In Divine Mind, I am already filled full! In my mind I see mere shadows, slight glimpses of true fullness. I remember how much I do not Know! I am determined to fulfill my purpose, to know my Self as Divine Love, and to share the fullness I am.


If I am already filled full, then you are too…and you, and you…and him, and her, and them. All are equal in Love. All are filled in fullness. Everyone shares equally. In truth, no one can “take” but everyone can give. Everyone has. Everyone is. We all—every one of us—are. Filled. Full.

Who other than I has forgotten? Who, other than we, is remembering?

I have so forgotten that I know only the forgetting, but not the remembering. Bland and grey, a fog, a cloud settled in my mind: the forgetting.

A breeze I sense stirring the fog, moving the clouds: the remembrance of the forgetting.

The breeze, blowing and stirring, but not lifting, not clearing: the remembering of the remembering; the memory of the Knowing!

The breath I inhale as I stand in the middle of the fog, which I myself have made: the re-learning, re-building, renewing.

The breath I exhale: the determination to change, to enlighten, to Know.

The fog lifts and clears…just a little bit.

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