Including Everything. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 12

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Copyright Tam Black 2014
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Invite, welcome, and receive the effects of Divine Love now… and be truly grateful.

Experience Divine Mind as you experience these effects.

Allow Divine Presence to confirm itself in your life, activities, and affairs.



Receiving the effects of Divine Love presupposes the presence of Divine Love. Divine Love is abstract, but its effects are concrete. This is why/how Divine Mind is experienced through/in the effects.

Divine Mind takes the abstraction (vast and infinite) and shows you something (specific and limited) which your mind will be able to accept. The form presented is merely a shell that houses infinite content. The gratitude is not for the effects themselves but for their Source: Divine Love.

In this guiding thought, we focus on the effects because a) our minds need something tangible to recognize and “work with” b) our minds need a slow-introduction to the idea that Divine Love, Divine Presence is always communicating itself to us through effects.

Everything we experience (see-hear-smell-touch-taste) has Divine Love as its Source.

Through this guiding thought, we are inviting our minds to recognize Divine Presence in our lives—we are informing our minds, “Hey, it’s here; start looking out for it.” So our minds start scrutinizing every situation, evaluating, comparing, questioning (this is just what our minds do), asking, “Is this Divine Love? Is that Divine Love?”

The thing is: if, after your mind evaluates a situation, it decides “Nope, that’s not Divine Love; there was no Divine Presence there…” it has made an error. Divine Love is always expressing itself. Your mind has mis-perceived or misinterpreted, because Divine Love is everywhere, just asking for you to recognize it, accept it, tapping you on the shoulder to say, “HEY! I’m here!”

This guiding thought asks us a) to understand that whether we see it or not, Divine Love is “behind” everything we see—as Source b) to be grateful for that behind the scenes presence and power c) to look for it d) to accept it and, by accepting the effects, to acknowledge the Presence behind them.

Everything “contains” the infinite-eternal Source of Life.

Copyright 2014 Brad Vanlandingham
Copyright 2014 Brad Vanlandingham

The human mind filters things out; it evaluates, judges, and decides what to include and what to exclude; then it decides what it all means.

Through these consciousness journeys you are teaching your mind to include more of the infinite and to exclude less of it. You have set the meaning already (if you have forgotten, look at your intention statement again).

God (Infinite Divine Mind/Love) is inherently inclusive. When the human mind excludes anything, the default interpretation is “not God”. Therefore, “not Love”. Therefore, “not Divine Presence”.

You are teaching your mind to be inclusive, to see God/Love in everything, and to experience your life as an inherent expression of Divine Presence. Pretty cool, huh?


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