Remembering Intention. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 15

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In Divine Mind, you are already filled full!

All are equally filled full. All are equal in Love.

Remember your fullness; remember your purpose.

Know your purpose; share your fullness.



You are here for a purpose. I don’t mean “here” as in reading this article. I mean here as in here—in Life.

On this day of the first round (day 05), we acknowledged “slight glimpses” of fullness and how little we know in the great scheme of Life’s plan for us.

Here we are, ten days later, now acknowledging how filled we are, and remembering!

Today is a good day to pause and look back on your intention. What is your goal? Why are you doing this Journey?

My goal is happiness, which I know is tied to fulfilling my purpose, which is tied to Divine Service.

I’m doing this journey to clear my mind of error thoughts which detract me from understanding that my life experiences contribute to Divine Service. I do not need to understand how my life experiences contribute to Divine Service…only, that they do.

Thoughts of uncertainty, doubt, forgetting, questioning, despair—these are thoughts that confuse me and knock me off track, if I pay attention to them. When I have these types of thoughts, I’ve forgotten my intention for the Journey. That’s why this 15th day reminder is good: it reinforces singleness of purpose.