The Nature of Fulfillment. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 23

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Our Self wills to create. Our Fulfillment is Creation.

Our Self wills to share. Our Joy is Sharing.

Our Self wills to extend itself. Our Peace is extension.



There is only one Will. One Will, willing through US. The singular made plural. Our will: One.

Our will, One, creating, is our fulfillment. We will together. We are fulfilled, as creation is fulfilled in our one Will.

We are one Self, with one Will, united within ourselves and between our selves.

True creation is the expression of our unity. In unity is true power, true peace.

Our one Self, our one Will, wills only to share its unity. In sharing, we bring awareness of Oneness to others, lost and disconnected.

Know our Oneness that we might share our Oneness and in the sharing watch the light of Joy increase in another. My Joy is your Joy, is his Joy, is her Joy.

All that Oneness is, we are. This is the nature of fulfillment. We are complete and healed and whole in Oneness, as is everyone.

[I know this is all very serious, but just to confirm that Oneness apparently has a sense of humor, I’d like to share what came with that last sentence. The tune/words, “Together Forever” just started playing in my head… I kind of Rick rolled myself. Or maybe you did it to me, idk, but it’s kind of funny. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… a brand new Rick roll!]

I feel very satisfied today. I say that intentionally, because of what I wrote yesterday. I love how doing these Journeys shifts me. I love how it feels to feel movement. No—the movement is not external; it is all within. But I feel it. And I know that all is right. My life is right. I am doing what needs to be done. I am where I am supposed to be.

This is one of the biggest benefits (for me, and in my humble opinion) of doing these Journeys. Instead of being IN stuff unconsciously (as I think most people are; people just walk around “in stuff” all the time), the intention, Guiding Thoughts, and the process all focus that STUFF into a channel toward a purpose. Then everything in life becomes a learning tool within the framework of the journey. Every situation, every encounter, and every interaction can be looked at and weighed with the terms of the journey. Then it’s my choice to have those interactions serve the journey…or not. It’s all very enlightening.