Momentum of the Tide. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 26

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Why would we choose to limit ourselves? To limit reality?

All reality is ours! It is ours to give.

In giving and sharing, Joy increases, expanding Love, expanding the experience of LIFE!



I don’t think people mean to be lost, but I think many are lost. Fumbling around in this world, people feel alienated and disconnected from other people, and feel fragmented within themselves. The response to this can comes out as feeling numb, despair, or hopelessness…or hostility, anger, and antagonism.

I don’t think people want to be lost, but I think they don’t know any better; they don’t know they are lost, or if they do know, they don’t know what to do about it.

People think, “This is just the way life is” or “This is just how I am” or “There is nothing I can do”.

For these people the statement, “Why would we choose to limit ourselves?” makes no sense. To them, there is no choice, this is just how life is; it is not something they can choose.

They drift in the tide of life, being carried wherever and however the tide takes them. Sometimes that means the equivalent of being beaten against rocks, sometimes being rolled around in waves, sucked under, having the sensation of drowning, sometimes being stranded on shore, stuck, just waiting for the next tide to come in.

For these people, there is no freedom. There is no joy. There is only an endless, unknown ocean, and the waiting and drifting.

I am not one of the people who have this experience of life, but I understand it. I understand it because—like them—I have felt caught up in the tide, being carried this way and that. I have felt defeated, wounded, numb, even hostile, and lost.

Unlike them though, I have spent my life learning how to be in it, experiencing it, and understanding my relationship to it; becoming familiar with the currents, the shallows, the waves, and the eddies.

Unlike them, I have not thought, “There is nothing I can do”. I have thought, “What can I do”? Then, I have listened and waited for the response.

A tide is really an accurate metaphor. Like a tide, life is just the momentum and inertia of your collected thoughts and information. People are caught up in a current of their own making, of their own design.

Learning to be in the tide, becoming familiar with its current is really just becoming familiar with yourself, learning your own thoughts, learning what you give momentum to.

When you begin to see that the tide of life is made up of the information and energy that you put into your consciousness, then you have a real choice.

The thought, “There is nothing I can do” gives momentum to the perception of not being able to do anything. When the experience of not being able to do anything comes along, it validates the thought, so that next time that person thinks, “There’s nothing I can do” there is even more momentum behind the thought.

The same is true of other thoughts, though as well. If I think, “What can I do?”, and I do something—anything—to adapt to the situation, to change my outlook, to change my attitude, to change my perspective, the momentum goes to active participation in flowing with the tide, rather than passive acceptance of “whatever”. I have the experience of being able to do something, and my confidence is strengthened for the next time.

Every thought carries momentum. Think of the momentum that builds up in someone’s life who thinks repeatedly, “There is nothing I can do”… Now think of the momentum that builds up in someone’s life who thinks repeatedly, “How can I help?”

A person who thinks this way probably also just feels stuck, immobilized. But they are anything but stuck and immobilized—they are actually totally swept up in a tide within their own consciousness! It’s not stuck…it’s moving with great force in a very concrete and determined direction—the direction of “There’s nothing I can do,” which gives them the experience of stuck and immobilized.

Once a person realizes this, they can begin to change the force and momentum of their thoughts, and change the direction of how they experience life. I’ll be going into this more in-depth in my book, but if you are reading this, you probably are already at least a little bit familiar with the idea.

We are only limited by how we think. Why would we choose to limit ourselves?

Reality, as experience, is only limited by our thoughts; all reality is ours. It is ours to give. We give freedom when we share the thought that freedom is possible for everyone. Everyone has the same capacity to choose their thoughts and experience a life they design. Who wouldn’t want to design a life of joy, love, and expansion?

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