Bringing Meaning. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 28

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Motivation is a choice. Intention is a choice. Direction of will is a choice.

In Peace, listen for guidance so that all actions are motivated by joy, all intentions are love, and the direction of the will is simply to share Joy and Love.



Having a choice means that a choice is always being made, whether you know it or not. Busy, chaotic lives are full of activities that all are derived from some motivation, some intention.

I have to get up this morning; my motivation is I have to go to work. I have to go to work because I have a job to do; I have to do my job to pay my bills, buy food, and have a roof over my head.

I have to do this. I have to do that. I must go here. I must go there. I have to see this person, say that to this person. I have this errand to run, must pick that up over there, then I have to prepare for guests, meet people.

What’s the point? What’s the purpose?

When a motivation or intention is not determined beforehand, activities bear a very superficial meaning. The only meaning a trip to the grocery store has is to buy groceries. The only meaning that business meeting has is to appear fully alert and caring about the job at hand. The only meaning paying the rent has is that no eviction notice will come.

Isn’t there more to life than this?

Yes. When intention and motivation are chosen consciously you bring meaning to your life. Things, events, activities, interactions take the shape of what you bring to them in your intention and motivation.

All of those activities, without a conscious intention and motivation are single events occurring separately, having no relevance to each other. Trying to make sense of all those moments is like putting together a million-piece jigsaw puzzle without a picture of the final result.

But choosing an intention and motivation unites all of your activities under a single “header”, a single meaning and purpose. With this guiding thought, the uniting “headers” are Joy and Love.

Use every activity to serve your purpose of joy and love.

This does not mean you must be joyful and loving in every situation. It does mean that you do your best to use every situation in the service of joy and love.

This is why the guiding thought suggests, “In Peace, listen for guidance”. Consider this: if every situation is for your learning and growth, then the nature of every situation is that there is something you do not know. There is something to be attained through the situation.

The best way to attain is to open to learning, to accept that you do not know, and be willing to discover something about yourself that is supported by your own motivation (love and joy—or whatever parameter/lens/intention you choose).

Recently, I have been working with the phrase, “I am learning…”  It has really helped me to relax about what I am doing. It gives me permission not to know, while knowing that I am in a process of learning. It allows me to just rest without pressure.

“I am learning to breathe energy as well as air”; “I am learning to master my ability to heal”; “I am learning to master the physical universe with love and joy”; “I am learning to master food”; “I am learning to master money and a successful career that benefits all”.

I am glad I love learning. I have a long way to go!