The catalyst: opening my heart

The year 2014 began my Journey of the Heart. I started editing a book about Babaji (known by may names, including Haidakhan Baba and Babaji Nagaraj), written by one of His Western devotees, Leonard Orr. If you do not know anything about Babaji, a good reference point is Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, which dedicates one chapter (Chapter 33) to Him.

Babaji is described in that chapter in this way:

The secluded master has retained his physical form for centuries, perhaps even milleniums (sic). The deathless Babaji is an avatara. The Sanskrit word means “descent”; its roots are ava “down” and tri “to pass.” In Hindu scriptures, avatara signifies the descent of Divinity into flesh.

‘Babaji’s Spiritual state is beyond human comprehension.” Shri Yukteswar explained to me. “The dwarfed version of men cannot pierce to his transcendental star. One attempts in vain even to picture the avatar’s attainment. It is inconceivable.”

Leonard Orr, who has spent much time with Babaji, describes him as “God in human form.”

Babaji, when asked if he is God, has answered, “God is everywhere; I am local.”

Think about the most amazing, highest spiritually attained person (or being) that you can. Now think about yourself. Who are you, compared to that level of enlightenment? That is how my Journey of the Heart originated: Who am I to be editing a book about this amazing being? I felt so small, unaccomplished, and unworthy (despite having recently done a Journey of Worth).

Lots of “stuff” came up–besides unworthiness. Frustrations. Not good enough. Weakness. Grief. I knew that if I was going to be of highest service in the editing of that book, I would need to work through and transform those things within me. I wanted to give my highest, purest effort in the service of Babaji.

I knew that I had to open my heart. I knew that I had to learn more Love. I knew I needed to surrender to the guidance of Spirit.

I found myself wondering what is love, anyway? What is it? My mind questioned. My Journey to find the answers through my heart began.

Journey of the heart begins on March 16, 2015; See the homepage for more information


2 thoughts on “The catalyst: opening my heart

  1. and the mystic begins the mystical ,transcending those negative emotions and burrowing into her most deep personal spaces only to again be shut down with questions that continue her to feel inadequate and so frustrated. what can she do next? what SHOULD she do next to open that tiny space of understanding and aquisition? open mouth,insert hand into heart,read sanscrit answer without knowing the language…welcome home.


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