Why a Journey of the Heart

So far, my 40-day consciousness journeys have been thought-journeys. They have been geared toward expanding my mind, increasing my awareness, and developing my understanding—the means toward the end: Knowing.

Knowing Love

Knowing Unity

Knowing Wholeness

Knowing Oneness


The Journeys have done this through guiding thoughts, contemplation, and writing.

I’ve come to understand that my approach is incomplete. If the goal is Knowing I need more than thoughts and thinking. Knowing is unified, whole, entire, complete. Thoughts are just one aspect, one way of knowing. Focusing on the mind, I have in effect, separated myself from other ways of knowing.

I find this humorous—the method of seeking itself has prevented the goal of the seeking!

But, it has also lead me here, ready for new knowings in pursuit of Knowing.

A Journey of the Heart is an exploration. It is more of an adventure than a journey. A journey connotes a path, a plan, an itinerary, a destination. An adventure implies unknowns, unexpected twists and turns, surprises…who knows where I will end up?

An adventure is an inconvenience rightly understood;

an inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.  –GK Chesterton


So, why a Journey of the Heart?

My heart says it misses me.

That’s all. Simple.

I really don’t know what to expect. I’m going to let my heart lead. My head is telling me that I will be like a ranting mad-woman. My head is in the back seat for this journey. I may even need to put it in the trunk.


Tomorrow I will do the intention and dedication. Thereafter, the Journey!

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