Journey of the Heart: Intention and dedication

Unlike past Journeys, which were about knowing with the mind (I use the sequence to be aware, to understand, and to Know to describe this learning process); a Journey of the Heart is about Knowing with the Heart.

I find it interesting that there never was a Journey of the Mind per se, but there were sub-sets of it (Purpose, Fulfillment, Worth)—as though my presumption was that Knowing was so obviously about the mind.  Confronted yet again with my own self-imposed limitations!

I know so little about the Knowing of the heart that I must truly begin at the basic level, and learn first about the heart, before I can jump into the specifics of the knowing it offers.

There are so many aspects of knowing, so many ways to know!  We, humans, can know with our minds, our intuition, our imagination, our creativity, our five senses, our spirit or Soul. We can know mathematically, philosophically, historically, fictionally (I’d like to suggest that fiction can point us toward Truth; how many characters in novels have taught me something of my Self?), aesthetically, physically.

I sometimes wonder how many ways of knowing there are that humans simply have no access to. How do dolphins know? How do birds know? How do deer and elk and bison know? How do earthworms know? All sentience knows something of the entirety of Life. What limits does human arrogance put on our understanding of all of Life?

This is why a Journey of the Heart is so important. There are so many ways to know that are inaccessible to just the mind, to just the five senses; so much that is inaccessible until humans open their hearts.

The heart is the great unifier, the great translator, the great interpreter.


In the knowing of the heart, there is no arrogance.


Statement of Intention

As with previous Journeys, declaring your intention is a very important part of this practice. The 40-day Consciousness Journeys are a means to an end: the goal is to move the consciousness to a new state of awareness, acceptance, understanding, and knowledge of a particular aspect of the truth of Being, the truth of your Self, and yourself. However, unlike previous Journeys, I am shifting my knowing-center.

Quite literally, when I now write about awareness, I am focused on my heart—my physical heart location, my Spiritual heart, my intuitive heart, my creative heart. When I now write about understanding…it will be the same shift. Knowing…same thing. I move my consciousness to my heart. I expand my heart consciousness.

Thus, I declare my intention for the 40-day Journey of the Heart:

I, Susan Billmaier, acknowledge my ignorance! How often have I intentionally or unintentionally closed my heart? How often have I shunned its intelligence, choosing instead the limited arrogance of a one-dimensional mind? When have I ignored or denied my heart’s openness, receptivity, and enthusiasm?

I now lay these aside and begin anew.

I intend, with all my heart, to be aware of my heart’s presence and guidance. I intend to do my best to release any mind-arrogance that prevents me from hearing or understanding my heart. I intend to approach my learning with purity and innocence, forgiving myself when I forget or stumble. I intend to love my heart! To be grateful for my heart! To hug my heart daily! To listen to my heart’s still voice and joyful song! I intend to learn of my heart through my heart, to learn of its Knowing, unifying Love.

Ok, that was more difficult than I expected. I had to keep asking myself, what can I really commit to? What can I say that I will really follow through with? So, you see, there are no bold, broad-sweeping statements in my intention—just simple things that I think I can accomplish daily, including forgiving myself if I don’t.

This is new territory for me. And it’s a little uncomfortable.

With that recognition, I have my dedication:

I dedicate this 40-day heart-consciousness Journey to anyone who has ever felt discomfort at a new way of knowing, understanding, or experiencing infinite Life. I dedicate this journey to anyone who is striving to expand their own ways of knowing. I dedicate this journey to anyone who wants more heart love, to hear a more joyful song, to live in the Peace of the heart’s unifying presence.

And I dedicate this journey to you. May my effort make your effort easier. May my striving clear your path. May our hearts be united in Love. May we share our love with All.


2 thoughts on “Journey of the Heart: Intention and dedication

  1. i am so befuddled by what i have read in journey of the heart. i am truly arrogant in some recent decisions that i have made, yet i hold myself snuggly insisting that it was for my own preservation that i did it-a defense mechanism against another person very close to me hurting me again and again… “i must separate from this person..i have had enough heart pain from that particular soul and i must protect myself.. but now i question “what else could i have done? i went with my god centered stream of consciousness…but now the self doubts are tweaking my consciousness and i wonder…have i done a deed that is way out of line..? can i go back and repent and ask forgiveness? will i be deeply hurt again by one i have trusted so dearly with my heart?


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