Journey of the Heart – Day 02

Spend about 15-20 minutes with the guiding thought, and then let your heart speak through words, pictures, colors, shapes, whatever feels right. I’ve supplied a link below to an audio of me doing the guiding thought–use it if you like to create, while listening to it play on a loop (that’s what I do). Scroll to the bottom for my sharing…

Day 02 Guiding Thought  

Today I decide to give my heart reign.

Trusting in love, assured with its gentle comfort, I invite my heart to lead me with joy and peace to joy and peace.

I surrender my mind and will to my heart’s love

click here, or copy and paste into your browser to access the mp3 file:

You can download this and play it in a loop while you allow your heart to speak to you 🙂   I suggest Windows Media Player (I have not tested other players).

Journey of the Heart - Day 02 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 02
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

As I was drawing this picture, I was wondering, “How do I represent the heart reigning? How do I represent me surrendering or the heart leading with Joy and Peace?” What are symbols I can use to show these things?

Nothing I came up with made it into the picture. I thought of a crown, a scepter, a royal robe—all symbols of a monarch reigning over a land but… the heart had other ideas! As I was drawing the jewel, I thought about it (briefly) as a “crown jewel”, but that did not feel right.

I think the red rays just symbolize the power of the heart over everything.

I’m just on a hill, meditating—surrendering. Everything else is about simplicity, joy, and peace. The bunnies are just hanging out with me.