Journey of the Heart – Day 16

We are on Round 2 of our Journey! For those of you new to this, there are 10 Guiding Thoughts, which we repeat in four rounds, for a total of 40 days. With this round, instead of hearing the guiding thoughts in the first person, the subject of the Guiding Thought will be “you”. For example, instead of saying, “My heart knows how to love”, we will be saying, “Your heart knows how to love.”  (For further explanation see Journey of the Heart – Day 11)


Spend about 15-20 minutes with the guiding thought, and then let your heart speak through words, pictures, colors, shapes, whatever feels right. I’ve supplied a link below to an audio of me doing the guiding thought–use it if you like to create, while listening to it play on a loop (that’s what I do). Scroll to the bottom for my sharing…

Day 16 Guiding Thought

Listen to your heart and with your heart.

Your heart pays attention to others, listening to their inner voice, their unspoken words.

You care and attend, with love, to their deeper, silent needs, asking their heart, “How may I strengthen you and raise your energy?”

Click here to access the audio file.

You can download this and play it in a loop while you allow your heart to speak to you 🙂   I suggest Windows Media Player (I have not tested other players).


Journey of the Heart - Day 16 Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls
Journey of the Heart – Day 16
Susan Billmaier for susanwithpearls

There are infinite hearts waiting for you, waiting to connect with you, waiting for your strength, waiting for union with you.

So many people’s hearts are hurt, are timid, are afraid of being shunned, of being betrayed, of being devalued. This is why it is so important to listen with your heart. When a heart listens, it creates a safe space for another heart to speak. And if your heart is timid or afraid, it gains strength when it gives to another heart.

All of this happens under the surface. It is not with words or with actions! It is on-top-of, but also underneath words and actions. Sit and have a cup of coffee with a friend. Talk like you always talk…but in your heart… listen. In your heart, offer strength and assurance, just by moving your own attention into your heart and visualizing your heart connected with another’s. Visualize love as light, connecting your hearts. The love as light carries your heart’s thoughts to the other heart, bringing not just love, but courage, encouragement, and assurance as well.

So many hearts need you, need us! So many people are so hurt and timid and afraid. We give them strength by overcoming our own hurt and fear, by sharing our hearts.

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