A ‘Journey of Abundance’ Beginning Soon

These journeys are all consciousness journeys. I do these journeys for myself, designing/creating each one to expand my consciousness toward greater personal fulfillment and aliveness, in an upward spiral toward enlightenment. These are spiritual journeys in the sense that my primary aim is to increase my awareness and understanding of Divine Love and to achieve my own personal Divine Individuality.

Awareness of Divine Love occurs in the mind and heart, internally—in each person’s individual consciousness.  And, Divine Love expresses through people, externally, in the material world. These journeys are one of the ways I work with my Divine Self to achieve Its perfect expression in the world, uniting spiritual and material.

I share my journeys here, and invite others to join me, that we all may proceed joyfully forward to experience our own unique Divine Individuality in the world!

In a ‘Journey of Abundance’, I will be exploring my connection with Divine Source (Love), and its expression as form—money, work, business, service, etc. I will be discovering how my spiritual-self works in and through me to create an abundant, fulfilling life —and encouraging it to do so! (More will be posted on this on May 7.)

I invite you to join me—for one day, three days, a round of 10 days, or for the entire 40-day Journey. All are welcome.

A ‘Journey of Abundance’ begins on May 7, 2015 with the preliminaries and introductions. You can view the entire schedule below.

Here’s how it works: Each day, I provide a Guiding Thought (feel free to find/discover/create your own!). I spend a minimum of 15 minutes in meditative contemplation, allowing the Guiding Thought to “speak” to me, and then write whatever comes to me. You may join me in your own time and space, contemplating and writing. I share here whatever comes to me (oh boy!). There will be 10 meditation statements, repeated in 4 cycles (with slight changes in the wording), for a total of 40 days.  After the 40 days, I sit back and let it all sink in, and write a few reflections, which I share as well.

For some, these thoughts will be new concepts, new ways to think about yourself and your relationship to the world. For others, the concepts may be familiar, but the time and intensity involved in an entire journey may be new. Both of these can hinder progress—but I encourage you to keep on! The goal is to complete 40 days with no interruption. If you falter, or need to take a break, do so. But then come back! I’ll be here for you and with you.

I hope to see you here again on May 7! 🙂



Susanwithpearls.com Summer 2015 schedule

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