Warning! Potential Hydroplane Hazard Ahead! : Journey of Abundance – Day 23

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Guiding Thought

We fill our minds and hearts with Love, aligning with the Light of Truth. Steadfast and focused on our own Loving Presence, we live in the peace of fulfillment of our own Divine Identity.


I always really like this round, using “we” as the subject. It’s this round that really breaks the barriers of separation, I am able to “see” Oneness; it’s as if I get to glimpse beneath the surface and watch it work, see how it operates [see the philosophical musings here].

I began the Guiding Thought by simply thinking about the first word, “We”. Who is this “we”? I started with my close friends and family, seeing them as we, then I added you, who are reading this, I then included work colleagues; we are all we. Then I thought about the world leaders and they became part of we. And finally, I thought about all people of all nations—we are all we.

Of course, I don’t know all of these people, but with imagination I can reach out and touch them—even the thought of reaching out and touching everyone is enough.

After that, I moved on to the next words of the Guiding Thought and started over with my small circle of we, seeing first myself, then my close friends and family filling our minds and hearts with Love. Then I saw you, who are reading this, and filled your mind and heart with Love. I then saw my work colleagues, the world leaders, and finally all people of all nations filling their minds and hearts with Love.

Since I have a garden and use a hose to water it, that is how I saw our minds and hearts filling: we all had garden hoses “attached” to our minds and hearts, with Love flowing out and in. The water/Love flowed and filled, seeping into all the tiniest spaces and the spaces between the spaces. I thought of the “containers” of our minds and hearts, and saw that if these containers were only a meter deep, but they extended infinitely in all other directions, Love would fill it infinitely. And if that container were only a millimeter deep but extended infinitely in all other directions, Love would fill it infinitely. But the container is as infinitely deep as it is wide, and the Love just fills it!

I also played with the intensity of the flow coming through the hose. Full blast, the container fills more visibly than a trickle, but a trickle still will fill it infinitely. Our consciousness controls this flow: how much Love do we allow to come through?

Then I thought about the word alignment. Since I recently had my car aligned, that is what came to mind. When a car is out of alignment, the steering wheel pulls to one side—the car does not just go straight; if you take your hands off the wheel, the car will drift. My car drifted severely prior to the alignment. Thoughts are like car wheels, our decisions about what thoughts we entertain are our hands on the steering wheel. The thoughts that keep us going straight are the ones in alignment with Love; if our thoughts are out of alignment with Love, we drift.

If Love is Truth, filling our minds and hearts with Love is the alignment—it’s what keeps us headed straight, rather than being at the mercy of misaligned thoughts and feelings.

The rest of the Guiding Thought follows logically from all this:

  • Divine Presence is the Light of Truth, which is
  • When we are steadfast and focused—that is, keeping our minds and hearts aligned in and with Love—the only result that is possible is to live in the Peace and Fulfillment of our Divine Identity (which is Love).

If you have read this, and if you saw just a glimmer, felt just an inkling, of anyone or everyone, everywhere, filling our minds and hearts with Love, you have assisted in the fulfillment of this Guiding Thought.

May we all live in the Peace and Fulfillment of our own Divine Identity.


Bring It! Pt.2: The Reckoning…What was I Thinking? : Journey of Abundance – Day 22

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Guiding Thought

We choose to expand our consciousness and open our heart to Divine Love’s flow within us. Realizing our own Divine Presence, we know God as the Source and Fulfillment of all our good.


As I sat down to begin today, I was very aware of all my short-comings, mistakes, failures; aware of the things I was doing—or not doing—that were holding me back, limiting me. This was all in the context of expanding my consciousness and opening my heart to Divine Love’s flow, not about failures or mistakes in “life”—work, relationships, etc.

As I’ve been doing this Journey over the past three weeks, I can feel when I’m going deeply to the work, when I am feeling very connected and intense and, also, feel when I (my consciousness) is being lazy, and when I approach the practice more superficially.

Having done five Journeys prior to this, I have some points for comparison. Of these six Journeys (this one included), this Journey has been the hardest to keep my mind focused and to “go deep.”

I say to others, “Do what you can…” “Take small steps…” “You have a lot of baggage you are clearing out, go easy on yourself…” Yet, when it comes to me, saying these things to myself, I am not so gentle or understanding. I feel like there is no excuse for my shortcomings, my mistakes, my not “doing enough”, my not giving up what is holding me back. I should know better. I do know better.

So why do I do it?

As I read the Guiding Thought repeatedly, I did do better. I determined to go deep today and not allow myself the luxury of laziness. And I succeeded. I had a very thorough visualization of us expanding our consciousness and opening our hearts, realizing our own Divine Presence.

Then I thought about determining to do better in other ways—doing more of the things I need to do and giving up the things that limit me. As I was thinking about making this choice, making this determination, there was so much in my head about “What if I fall through? What if I fail? What if I can’t live up to my own expectations? How can I teach enlightenment if I can’t do it?”  Fear of: letting myself down. Fear of: letting you down. Fear of: letting God down.

All of these questions and fears felt like an excuse not to make the determination, and a struggle against making the determination. I was struggling against my own struggle.

What if I just let go of the struggle?

Everything I want to do (“determining to do better in other ways”) is only about bringing my mind and body into better alignment with Divine Love’s flow, the Holy Spirit, Christ consciousness. Why am I –would I—struggle against this? Especially when I know how good it feels? How natural and easy it is to live in Love’s flow, when that is really and truly what I want, when I know that is where real Freedom and Peace are?

However…let me note… that just two days ago, I said this:

“I want to shift from a consciousness of materiality to consciousness of spirituality. I want to know God as my Source. I want my power to be devoted to Love, not to money. I want to realize Love as my natural energy and circulate it widely. And, importantly, I know I want this authentically, genuinely, sincerely, and deeply.

Bring it!”

You know what they say about getting what you ask for? And I wasn’t just asking, I was challenging (Bring it!? What was I thinking?).

All of this today has been a direct response to “Bring it!” All of my baggage, all of my worries, all of my feeling not good enough…it is all coming to the surface! “Here you go! You want that? Get rid of this.

I will not back down from a challenge (especially when it is of my own making)!

And so, forthwith, I determine to give up struggling against shifting my consciousness from materiality to spirituality, to give up struggling against knowing God as my Source; to being the Love I am, to being my own natural energy. I determine to do the things I know increase my life and love, that lift me, release me, release my pain and tension, and bring me peace and clarity.* I determine to forgive myself, my failures—past-present-future, to be gentle with myself as I take my steps.

*The things I am talking about here are the practices of earth (fasting, exercise), air (metered breathing), water (soaking in a tub for at least an hour), and fire (sitting with fire). I breathe and bathe regularly, and am increasing the time I sit with the fire; however, I have not fasted lately, and that is the thing that I can feel  I need (in addition to being more consistent with the other practices).


Of Oxymorons & Slippery Slopes: Journey of Abundance – Day 21

Welcome to Round Three!

We went through round one of this Journey (days 1-10), focusing on ourselves, the experiencing subjects of the Journey. That only makes sense after all, I’m doing this Journey so that I can experience greater abundance.

For the second round (days 11-20), the Guiding Thoughts were focused on a “you”, but the “you” was non-specific. You could have been directing the Guiding Thoughts to another person, or you could have imagined someone directing those words to you. Furthermore, the “you” could have been singular or plural, depending on your imagination.

Now we begin round three (days 21-30). This round intentionally joins us, with “we-our-us. I am not just I; you are not just you. As we, any abundance that is mine is also yours; I want abundance as much for you as for myself. We are in this together, and as we, we are equal.  Let that which flows through us all unite us and lift us!


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Guiding Thought

Divine Love-Light is the Source of All. It is all good, all God. This Source is always seeking expression through us. Our awareness of our personal identity as this Source provides us with infinite fulfillment and prosperity.


Today I am fixated on these words, “Our awareness of our personal identity…”Awareness and “personal identity” are both, well…very individual; the phrase is contradictory, an oxymoron! It is really making me think…in a good way!

The first thing that occurs to me is that I have not yet achieved a level of awareness that lets me know for certain what someone else’s level of awareness is. I do my best to be in tune, in touch, “mindful,” aware, etc., and there are some times that I feel like I am perceiving in a more aware state than someone else, but that is a slippery slope, not to mention a judgement that I am not qualified for. So, what is “our awareness” if I am really only aware of my own awareness?

Uh-oh! My philosophy training just kicked in. I apologize in advance…

I am now thinking of some of my doctoral work, which was on Nicolas of Cusa, a fifteenth century Roman Catholic priest (and bishop), theologian, philosopher, and mathematician. In his work, he gives us a metaphor for thinking about God: In mathematics, when trying to find either the maximum or the minimum, the effort fails because there is always something more maximum or more minimum. Thus, “more” and “less” become transcendent in their meaning, in that there is always something beyond the immediate, beyond the knowable. This transcendence coincides with the transcendence of God as “beyond”—He is always beyond human understanding, there is always more. Yet, in God, everything corresponds only to God. In God all diversity is unified, all variety is unified, all increments are unified… (etc.)

 “According to the movement of reason, plurality or multitude is opposed to unity. Hence, it is a unity of this sort which properly applies to God, but the unity to which neither otherness nor plurality nor multiplicity is opposed. This unity is the maximum name enfolding all things in its simplicity of unity, and this is the name which is ineffable and above all understanding.” Nicholas of Cusa (1997), Nicholas of Cusa: Selected Spiritual Writings, H. Lawrence Bond, tr., (New York: Paulist Press) P. 28

Whew! How does this relate to today’s Guiding Thought and awareness?

The Source is One. We—our awareness and our personal identity—are many.

As individuals work on increasing their personal awareness or on the flow of Source through them, they are seeking “a maximum” (so to speak). Or should I say their next maximum, because there is always “more” to experience, “more” to achieve. There is always only more.

What if everyone is doing this all the time, in their own way? What if everyone is always in the process of seeking and finding more, whatever that is for them personally?

Then (if we use the thought of Nicholas of Cusa), we are all united in the transcendent pursuit of more, which becomes unified in its very transcendence, called by the name God. It is the very diversity and multiplicity that gives us the transcendent experience, as its own unification.

We are gorgeous, diverse, multiplicities unified by and through the very differences we pursue!


Bring It! : Journey of Abundance – Day 20

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

The Divine Presence of Love is the most natural energy in the world and beyond. Through the wisdom of Love, understand wealth as an expression of your Divine nature. Cultivate it in your consciousness; express it! Share it! Your love is infinite. Your wealth is infinite. Realize this as your reality and circulate wealth with joy and gratitude.


I wrote a few days ago about how the Guiding Thought turns the typical money mindset upside down, reversing that mindset from getting to giving.

I feel like today is a continuation of that. I am (my consciousness is) being reversed and sometimes turned upside down and just generally being shaken up. Have you seen the videos of people inside the giant bubbles rolling down a winding track on a hill? (I’ve embedded a video clip below.) That’s how I feel in my consciousness. I was happily standing upright at the top of a hill, then I got into this bubble and now I’m being tossed about. I know I will eventually get to the bottom of the hill, the spinning will stop, and I’ll re-orient…but for now…I am rolling and spinning.

That’s sometimes the point of these Consciousness Journeys—shaking up the mind to re-orient it to a different place.

On this Journey, it’s a re-orientation to the non-material mindset, opening the mind to the invisible, spiritual causes and effects that produce material reality, rather than manipulating the material causes to get material effects.

John Randolph Price says, “Money is an effect. When you concentrate on the effect, you are forgetting the Cause, and when you forget the Cause, the effect diminishes…You must look to God alone as THE Source and take your mind completely off the outer effect.” (The Abundance Book; Quartus Books; 1987; pgs. 21-22).

The orientation of this Journey is God-Love-Divine Presence as Source. I was raised in the (very) materialist American culture. For a long time, I did not know (was not taught) to reject those ideas, to deny materialist-acquisition thoughts, to guard my mind against the inundation of all the selling and advertising.

So here I am undoing all of that, and rolling, tumbling, being shaken up. The old mindset is crumbling!

One thing I love about doing practices like this—practices that are intended to bring me to Love, light, spiritual evolution (and there are so many things I love about the practices…), is the practices give context to experiences. Things don’t “just happen”…they happen within the context of my intention, my growth, my opening, and my awareness.

Even when I am tumbling about, I know I’m being shaken up for a reason. What’s more, the reason is my choice, it’s what I want.

I want to shift from a consciousness of materiality to a consciousness of spirituality. I want to know God as my Source. I want my power to be devoted to Love, not to money. I want to realize Love as my natural energy and circulate it widely. And, importantly, I know I want this authentically, genuinely, sincerely, and deeply.

Bring it!

We’re half-way there…

Round three starts tomorrow!




On the Importance of Keeping Your Pipes Clean : Journey of Abundance – Day 19

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Divine abundance expresses infinitely through your own Divine Presence. When you identify with your Divine Presence, you open the floodgates, and Divine abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through you, materializing all good in your life and affairs.


I pictured myself in front of a roomful of people, explaining this Guiding Thought to them. They were the subject of the Guiding Thought, the “you” in it. I was repeating the lines as I was explaining it to everyone; here is what I remember saying:

Divine abundance expresses infinitely through your own Divine Presence – The opening sentence does three things at the same time. First, it confirms the infinite expression of Divine abundance (Divine abundance expresses infinitely). “There is always enough”, enough for all, an endless supply that is always expressing itself. The words “there is always enough” are also a powerful affirmation, a positive thought that reinforces an experience of abundance. Second, it tells us that this abundance comes through our Divine Presence.  The Divine Presence is the conduit through which Divine Abundance flows. Third, it presupposes your own Divine Presence. It does not say, “If you have a Divine Presence, that is what carries abundance.” No. It says definitively “your own Divine Presence”. This is very powerful to the consciousness: it is affirming the Truth of your Self without giving you any opportunity to dispute it, stating it as a given.

When you identify with your Divine Presence, you open the floodgates– This is a statement telling you how to activate the Divine abundance. Divine abundance is there, always flowing, always available, always ready to bring all good into your life and affairs…but you must first identify with your Divine Presence. If Divine Presence is the conduit, then how much you recognize this as your identity is how big the opening is. Picture a pipe. This pipe represents a conduit. It transports something from one place to another. A small pipe carries small amounts; a large pipe carries large amounts. If the pipe is clogged, even if it’s a large pipe, less will come through. The size of the pipe is like the awareness of your own Divine Presence, your own consciousness of your Self as Divine Love. These consciousness Journeys are geared toward increasing your pipe-size. Then, they also address how much gunk there is lining your pipe, how deep are your beliefs in limitation or scarcity, transforming them toward trusting your Supply to provide for you. When you have a large, clean pipe, that is, awareness and understanding of your Divine Presence, with lots of thoughts of love, trust, and prosperity, this is like opening the floodgates. And since Divine abundance expresses itself infinitely, you can always continue to increase your pipe-size, and continue to keep it clean, or clear out more of the gunk that prevents the flow!

With all of that, the final sentence makes perfect sense, “Divine abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through you, materializing all good in your life and affairs.” You are your own Divine Presence, through which Divine abundance flows. Your own Divine Presence is the Truth of you, the Reality of you, the most natural thing in the world and beyond. So, it makes perfect sense that Divine abundance flows naturally, easily, and effortlessly through you.  Your only responsibility is to be aware of your Self as the conduit, keep the gunk out of your thoughts, continue to give yourself thoughts about the Truth of your Being, and allow all the good to come through.


Working out : Journey of Abundance – Day 18

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Focus your mind and heart entirely on the Divine Presence you are.  Think, speak, and act in accordance with Divine Will, and release Divine Substance into all your activity and financial affairs.


Today’s Guiding Thought is really important for me, today and in general. Today I am picturing a wise teacher saying this Guiding Thought to me. This wise teacher knows how important it is. Just one moment, just one instant, of focusing entirely on the Divine Presence I am opens up amazing light in my consciousness.

Light is how I “see” my Divine Presence. Actually, there are a lot of ways I “see” it. I guess it depends on my mood, or the circumstance. Sometimes I see it as a light-shadow hovering above and behind me. Sometimes I see myself surrounded with light. Some people hear a sound; some people feel a vibration. When I think about sounds, that works; when I focus on a vibration, that works too. But my natural instinct, my natural sense of my Divine Presence, is light. I now am thinking I should strive to hear and feel also—it would be like a synergistic workout for my consciousness!

Today, I see this light coming in to the top of my head, and I bring it intentionally to my forehead (third-eye chakra) and to my chest, my heart (or heart-chakra). It’s reminding me of the Journey of the Heart, but instead of focusing on love, I am focusing on my Divine Presence…but then…I realize….is there a difference?

I am still not focusing entirely on the light, on the Presence. It’s the little-steps. If my Divine Presence is infinite, how can I perceive it entirely? So, I do what I can. Each little focus does a couple of things. First, it tells my Divine Presence that I am paying attention to it! Why would my Divine Presence even show up if I were going to ignore it? Second, it familiarises my mind, my consciousness, to what it feels like to be attuned to my Divine Presence. That way, I can recognize it when it shows up without my effort. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? It’s always there—so it’s my job to pay attention to it and recognize it. If I don’t do those things it’s as if it’s not there at all.

The second part of the Guiding Thought, “think, speak, and act in accordance with Divine Will,” raises a lot of questions for me. I am always thinking, “What do you want?” but then I am always wondering what the answer is. I have a lot of uncertainty about what the right speaking and acting is, when it’s coming from Divine Will. I let go a lot. I surrender a lot. I try not to get in my own way a lot. But I know that I have a way to go, because I don’t Know. And I know I need to look at this, and work on it, and keep on listening and striving, because I have these uncertainties. Divine Presence is still and certain, “Be still and Know that I am God.” Yeah… not there yet, but working on it!

But the little bits that I do, the attempts at being in tune with my Divine Presence, the striving for listening and being certain, and truly wanting to act in accordance with Divine Will…these things go a long way. My heart is true. My heart is pure. I know this now, and it took me a long time to get to that point. So I know that I will continue growing, learning, and evolving from where I am now. It may take me forever, but I will arrive at that point of focusing my mind and heart entirely on the Divine Presence I am; thinking, speaking, and acting in accordance with Divine Will, and watching Divine Substance flow naturally into all my activity and financial affairs.




All that Matters : Journey of Abundance – Day 17

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Guiding Thought

Your consciousness is the gateway through which Divine Love flows, materializing your infinite Supply. Be now conscious of your own Inner Divine Presence—Infinite Love—expressing through you, providing you with the means to be aware, to understand, and to know It as your Self– more and more!


My mind began by being very distracted today. I could not focus or concentrate on any of the words of the Guiding Thought. My mind felt pulled in a thousand different directions, jumping from one subject to another.

My wild mind does neither me nor you any good, so I set about to focus and concentrate. That was hard. First, I made myself simply to (try) focus on the Journey itself, to read the Guiding Thought with purpose and intent, feeling the words. That didn’t work; there was still too much going on in my head.

Then I did some mantra, 300 repetitions of Om Namah Shivaya. That probably helped, but my mind was still going too fast to notice.

Then I thought, “Breathe, count your breaths.” So I started doing that…1…2…3… and my mind flew away again and didn’t come back to the breaths.

So I thought, “Ok, single-point, single point focus.” (This is a [primarily] Buddhist technique and is exactly what it sounds like: holding in the mind one thing.) The physical point of focus I chose was the middle of my forehead; the visual point of focus was the Guru, Babaji in his Angel of the Lord form. At last! That began to calm my mind. Then I was also picturing/ thinking about Jesus, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Leonard Orr.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt waves of gratitude.

These people, Jesus, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Leonard Orr—are/were people, just real people. They are/were not Gods or deities, distant spirits, disembodied, or mysterious (please note I am not objecting to or disputing Jesus as the Son of God, I am thinking more about his role as human). They live, or did live, human lives.

And, they were/are all devoted to the work of Love, the work of uplifting humanity, the work of helping others know love and healing and God.

And I started thinking about that work and how many others have been devoted to it—Avelokiteshvara, Kuan Yin, St. Francis—and so many others! And there is still so much work to do.

And thinking about my own effort of just getting my mind still, and how much effort they must have taken to do the work, thinking about the efficacy and lasting-qualities of all they have done.

My mind finally calm, I sat in these thoughts, which seemed a part of the stillness not an interruption to it, feeling such gratitude.

In the thinking I realized this work is all that matters. It is the only work that matters. Simplifying life to be able to do this work is all that matters. Uncluttering my mind so it is free to realize love, gratitude, innocence, compassion, is all that matters.

When life is lived devoted to the work of love, the work of life does not matter. The commitment matters. The devotion matters. Love matters. And effort is rewarded, as I experienced just in these moments of taking the effort to quiet my mind.

And I thought… “How can I help? How can I share in this work, continue this work of love, in love?” I took a moment to dedicate any good that comes from these thoughts to the benefit and enlightenment of all sentient beings. Then, I saw all sentient beings as points of light. The points of light increased and expanded until they formed one enormous ball of light—a sun.  And that was all.


"The Real Face of Jesus" Photo credit - Popular Mechanics  Dec. 2002
“The Real Face of Jesus”
Photo credit – Popular Mechanics
Dec. 2002
Babaji - Angel of the Lord  Copyright unknown
Babaji – Angel of the Lord
Copyright unknown
Lahiri Mahasaya Copyright unknown
Lahiri Mahasaya
Copyright unknown
Leonard Orr Copyright unknown
Leonard Orr
Copyright unknown





Hell yes! : Journey of Abundance – Day 16

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Increasing your thoughts of Love and attitude of service dispels all fear of lack and limitation. As you serve more people with Love, money and wealth flows abundantly to you. Use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life you love through your highest vision.


In this physical world, especially in the United States, people are accustomed to doing things to get money. I do my job; I get a paycheck. I have a garage sale; I get money. I sell t-shirts online; I get money. I create a kick-start campaign; I get money. I get a loan; I get money. People’s experience with this is not a mystery or in any way shrouded. It’s very simple: I do; I get.

There is a direct correlation between the doing and the getting, with direct experiential evidence.

It seems pretty simple, pretty straight-forward. There are so many ways—it seems especially in the United States—to get money—an online store, building websites, making and selling stuff…it seems like it should be easy. We all know the stories of (apparent) easy success, like home runs on the stock market, the dot-com boom, or the teenager who sold his app to Yahoo for millions of dollars. If it’s that easy, why doesn’t every one do it? Why do so many people struggle with money and getting it? What do people who make making money look easy know that we don’t know?

These are some of the thoughts/questions that came up as I was reading the Guiding Thought. I don’t really have answers to give (though I did think of some), but as I was writing, I noticed two things:

1) The mindset I describe above is one of getting. I do; I get. It occurred to me that getting money also means getting people to give you money. And, I think that is where there is a major glitch in the whole “it looks easy” thing, because getting people to give you money seems hard. How do people do it? For many, selling is hard; marketing and promoting is hard.  A person may have the most useful/brilliant product, but if s/he doesn’t sell it, it amounts to nothing (in the mindset described above).

2) The Guiding Thought is a complete reversal of this mindset. It focuses on giving rather than getting. It focuses on serving people with Love, not on trying to get them to give you money or selling.

This attitude of Love®wealth does not correlate to many people’s actual experiential evidence (…because the mass mind-set has given people the experience of do®get), so, not only does the Guiding Thought reverse the typical mindset and turn it upside down, it requires a different type of experiential evidence which is a bit mysterious or unknown.

There is a very skeptical voice in my head that says, “REALLY? If I serve more people with Love, money and wealth will flow to me? ….Riiiggghhhtt.”

Skeptical just means lack of evidence. So, I hear this voice, and I understand where it’s coming from (I grew up in that mindset, after all), and I appreciate it because it’s showing me my doubts, questions, and disbelief.

But there is another voice (not as loud or prominent, but definitely more solid, somehow) that is reminding me of freedom. Yes, freedom. I know that’s a little out of the blue. Let me explain how it fits:

Freedom comes in at the final line of the Guiding Thought, “Use money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life you love through your highest vision.”

You see, I love life. Love, love, love it! And I love having a life I love. That to me is freedom. It feels so good!

So, if I can increase my thoughts of love (sentence one of the Guiding Thought) I can feel this freedom-love thing more? …Hell yes!

And if I can share that feeling with other people, so they can love life more? …Hell yes!

And if people have lives they love, doing things to increase their own freedom-love? …Hell yes!

The thing is, in the other mindset—the consumer-money-selling-mindset—so many people hate their lives. And they are so busy trying to get money, they create lives they hate, just to get money.

So, if this Guiding Thought reverses that, turns it upside down, I am willing to listen to the skeptical voice, and then provide new evidence to change its mind, by

  • Increasing my thoughts of Love
  • Increasing my attitude of service
  • Serving more people with Love
  • Using money and wealth with love and wisdom to create a life I love through my highest vision.

Hell yes!

Get Out of the Way : Journey of Abundance – Day 15

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Copyright Tam Black 2015
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Guiding Thought

Your Inner Divine-Love Presence Knows what you need or desire before you do. It is constantly providing you with ideas, material goods, situations, and interactions to fulfill all your needs and desires. Relax! …and allow the Presence Within to supply you with everything you need.


There is a spiritual teaching that permeates many traditions. It is, basically, get yourself out of the way.

Rumi says it this way: “Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

In the Christian tradition, it is the Holy Spirit which comes through people who allow it, and is referred to in this way: “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.” (Heb. 3:7) And: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says.” (Rev. 2:7)

A Course in Miracles says it this way: “I am not alone, and I would not intrude the past upon my guest. I have invited Him, and He is here. I need do nothing except not to interfere.” (Chapter 16, section 1, paragraph 4, original edition). And: “’I need do nothing’ is a statement of allegiance, a truly undivided loyalty. Believe it for just one instant and you will accomplish more than is given in a century of contemplation or of struggle against temptation.” (Chapter 18, section 8, paragraph 68, original edition)

This is very much the sub-theme for this Journey, just as surrender, trust, or meaning have been sub-themes for previous Journeys. I am learning to get myself out of the way.

The first several times I read the Guiding Thought, the first two sentences were a blur—I read them, but they did not register.

Then I got to the word “Relax!” and simultaneously, my mind thought, “Oh? What? I can relax?” and my body softened…and relaxed.

But then immediately when I read the next sentence, “…allow the Presence Within to supply you with everything you need,” I stiffened and got tense again.

This happened several times, such that I noticed and realized the subtlety of my resistance (tensing up) and the denial (not registering the first two sentences), which I realized was me being in the way.

I could feel myself wanting to relax, to release, to trust, to allow—and even felt it happening when I read the word “Relax”! But then I shut it down and resisted, and could not hear about the pervasive goodness always provided to me, as I continued reading.

As I became aware of this mini-cycle of emotions (ignore-Relax!-resist-deny/ignore-Relax!-resist) as I was reading, I started “seeing” how the cycle translates to my outer world of experience, and all of the teachings I mention above flooded my head (and more!).

I need to get myself out of the way.

The Holy Spirit-Indwelling Christ-Love-my Inner Divine Presence (whatever words used to describe it) flows through me when I get out of the way, when I allow it, when I let it come through me, as Itself, as me.

I spent several minutes looking at and questioning my resistance. Why am I resisting this? I felt confused, incredulous, bewildered. Why in the world am I resisting??

I didn’t come up with any answers, but I did continue to read (repeatedly) the Guiding Thought, working on feeling the Truth of the statement, did continue working on releasing, did continue allowing myself to feel the Presence within (little by little).

I still feel the resistance, though it is less now. But, since it is still here, I am going to close contemplating these words, in order to take one more small step to get myself out of the way:

I am aware of my own Divine Inner Presence. My Inner Presence is who I AM, who I want to be, the me I want to give to the world.

My Inner Presence loves me and wants only good for me and for All.

This is my choice. I am willing to allow my Divine Inner Presence to be Itself as me.

And I Relax!


“The wilderness must be explored! Ca-caw! Rawr!” : Journey of Abundance – Day 14

Copyright Tam Black 2015 Designed for susanwithpearls.com
Copyright Tam Black 2015
Designed for susanwithpearls.com

Guiding Thought

Divine Love is infinite. Therefore, your source and supply are infinite. As you increase your consciousness of your inner Divine-Love Presence as your Source and your Supply, money, wealth, and prosperity increase in your life experience.  Use that money, wealth, and prosperity to fully express your inner Divine-Love Presence.


Always begin with Divine Love. Without that, abundance is nothing, means nothing.

But with Divine Love, abundance takes on so many diverse characteristics!

Focusing on abundance as making money, or getting bills paid, or being able to take that vacation (or get that new kitchen or car), may get a person money, paid bills, and a vacation (or kitchen or car).

But if Divine Love is infinite, why limit it? With Divine Love, abundance is so much more!

It is the warmth of the sun, the songs of the birds, the contentment of home, the pleasure of friends; it is freedom of breathing easily, trust in life, the stillness of assurance amidst movement and flow. It is the calm within, the joy of love, and meaningful engagement with people and situations.

Such abundance enriches and brings meaning to life. When life is experienced with such abundance, everything is full of life itself.

When money, wealth, and prosperity then enter, they become a means to that end—a means to further enriching and fulfilling that experience of abundance, which encompasses every small experience, every moment.

What is money for?

To enrich life.

What is life?

Divine Love.

Money is the means to an end so much greater than I can imagine! Infinite, Divine Love


The Source supplies me with the means to know it. The more I use the supply toward its own end, the greater is the supply given in its service.

Divine Love is both means and end.

Divine Love is infinite. Both the means and the end are infinite.

Divine Love supplies the means to reach the end, which is only itself.

The more I accept the means (Divine Love) within myself, the more have I realized the end (also Divine Love).

These thoughts feel like the tip of an iceberg I’m going to have to explore… it may take a while…