Why a Journey of Abundance

I have been on a ‘Journey of Abundance’ (of sorts) for over 20 years. I started in about 1994 with the book “Your Money or Your Life”, which basically asks people to turn money into a value of time then prioritize purchases as a reflection of life-energy spent to make a purchase (if you are paid $10/hour, a purchase of $50 costs you 5 hours of your life. Is that worth it to you?). This book also gave me very practical tools for money management which assisted me in getting my finances in order.

Also, in 1994, I found John Randolph Price’s “The Abundance Book”, a collection of very high thoughts about money and prosperity.  Even though I will be providing Guiding Thoughts as I always do, John Randolph Price is really the master in this area. His Statements of Principle can be found here: http://innerself.com/content/living/finance-and-careers/personal-finance/6823-how-to-realize-abundant-prosperity-the-40-day-prosperity-plan.html. Check them out and decide if you would like to use them for this Journey.

These two books really sum up the direction of my evolution over the past 20 years. There is a constant interplay between the material and the spiritual. Working from one angle, seeing how it changes experience, then working from a different angle and seeing the changes from there. Doing material things from a spiritual consciousness and then evolving the spiritual consciousness to improve material conditions.

So, where has it gotten me? Well…I can tell you that over the past 20 years money has regularly flowed easily and effortlessly. That’s not to say I haven’t had “trouble”—this has definitely been a real learning experience for me, but I have been very secure in the flow, and everything has always worked out. I have doubled my income at least 3 times in 20 years (most recently my income doubled from 2007 to 2010. But more importantly, in all of the jobs that I have had, I have loved the work I do (loving what I do is a very important part of prosperity for me) and I have been building my business and career very intentionally through prosperity ideals.

I’ve come a long way.

For me, abundance has never been about money or things. It’s been about learning to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven that all may be added unto me—and “all” includes Joy, Fulfillment, and Peace as much as it includes wealth and prosperity (and if you have followed along at all on these Journeys, you will know this is true).

The spiritual qualities of Love, Peace, and Joy are expressed through material reality. In our work, in our relationships, the spiritual and material are always interacting.  If there is lack of love or joy or money or prosperity, that lack exists first in consciousness. These lacks (in my opinion) are the way your inner-self (your soul, your spirit, however you think about it) calls you to evolve.

I am not currently experiencing any lacks. I have a really great life—work I love, an amazing relationship, a great place to live. However, the reason I am doing this Journey is because I want to change—to shift—how income is produced in my life; I want to change my material relationship with money and how money comes to me. I want to serve people in new and different ways that produce income.  I want the material experience to change.

I had this thought this morning that really made sense to me: Over the past 20 years every time I changed a physical location—either a living location or a work location or both—my prosperity increased…every time. My consciousness has become habituated to wealth increasing with physical change. But that ain’t it. I was able to do that, because with every move, I felt freer, more confident, bigger—and my income reflected that. But now, changing locations is not as feasible as it once was. I have more responsibilities, a family to look after, a job I love; moving is not just me packing my car and taking off anymore.

There is a saying (it maybe Buddhist, I don’t really remember) that my sister once said to me: “If it’s not right here, it’s not right anywhere”. To me, that means that if I am not right within myself, nowhere I go will be right, and nowhere I go will be able to make me right.

Making me right is up to me, right here, right now; my consciousness is my responsibility. If I want to change I cannot just leave and start something new. If I did that, there would be momentary excitement, a growth of sorts, but when all that wore off, my consciousness would be the same, and I would be back at the same place that made me want to leave in the first place.

This is what this Journey is about. This is why a ‘Journey of Abundance’:  My inner shift, my inner movement, my inner change and growth. Of course, that’s what all these Journeys are about! But this one is a bit different. I am undoing in a way I have not done before. I am un-creating, and learning to create anew. And with abundance and prosperity, there is a way to see how it’s working: How’s life going? Are changes happening? What is my experience? (This direct reflection brings up some uncertainty—What if nothing happens?—but I am not going to go into that just now. I’ll let the Journey bring that out).