Journey of Abundance: Commitment and Dedication

A ‘Journey of Abundance’ is the sixth Journey in a series intended to assist me (and you?) in expanding my consciousness toward enlightenment. Each Journey is a 40-day exercise in contemplating one ray in the prism of enlightenment.

Enlightenment (also known as transcendence, self-mastery, the Kingdom of Heaven, etc.), for me, can be summed up with this description:

Enlightenment is when the mind/heart/body (thoughts/emotions/actions) express only that which is in alignment with Infinite and Eternal Oneness, in which only peace and love exist.

Humans have a hard time perceiving Oneness. Understanding things through separating them, breaking them down with perceptions and thoughts, is really how we learn about the world—not through seeing the unity in things. Yet, we are also able to go beyond our senses, to perceive with another part of the mind and heart, to see with the spiritual eye, so to speak.

These Journeys are designed to expand perception toward the beyond, toward perceiving more and more through the spiritual eye, toward perceiving through pure Love and Oneness.

Oneness embodies all of the concepts in these Journeys—Purpose, Worth, Healing, Abundance, etc. The purpose of focusing on one concept at a time is basically the equivalent to taking small bites. Each small bite gives us information about Oneness, Love, or our own Divine Nature, in a way that our minds can process it. As the Journeys continue, the new information builds on the information before it, expanding the consciousness even more.

Goethe said, “If you would know infinity, take a step in every direction.” That is sort of the idea with these Journeys. We are taking steps in many directions that point us toward more steps, which point us toward more steps. Since there are really infinite directions, the steps are infinite (and if that weren’t enough, there are equally infinite directions in an equally eternal moment—that’s Oneness!).

In this context…what is Abundance?

It’s more than the Law of Attraction. It’s more than magnetism. It’s definitely more than getting money. Yet, these things are part of it.

It is about aligning the mind/heart/body with Infinite and Eternal Oneness. It is about recognizing that it is your mind/heart/body that aligns with and expresses Infinite and Eternal Oneness. It is about expanding your conscious into Infinite Life, and knowing yourself as that very Life.

If my own consciousness already knew Abundance this way, I would not be doing this Journey. This is a journey of discovery as much as a journey of expansion—a journey of small steps toward the beyond.

I feel excited and nervous, anticipation and apprehension. I do not know what to expect. We shall see!

Commitment Statement

Today I commit to being aware, to understanding, and to knowing my Divine Nature, my Self of Infinite Love and Oneness, as the Source and Substance of my Life and abundance. Today I commit to focusing my mind and heart on my own Divine Self, my True Nature. I deny the prodding of my lower mind which would have me believe I am less than I am, that I am separate and alone. I place my faith in Infinite Love and claim my authority over financial and material situations, interactions, and affairs in all areas of my experience.

Statement of Dedication

A statement of dedication is particularly important on this Journey. Working on having a consciousness of abundance can bring up feelings of fear of lack, of scarcity, of not having enough. When a person is gripped by this kind of mind-set, sometimes greed or selfishness follows (note, this is also why, in the commitment statement above there is the sentence about denying the prodding of the lower mind!). Keeping in mind a dedication to others (or at least one other person) mitigates the potential effects of those feelings. Also, remember to keep in mind higher and ethical uses of money and wealth, sharing freely (demonstrating your fulfillment), and allowing yourself to be fulfilled.

I ask that any good that may come from this ‘Journey of Abundance’ over the next forty days and to eternity, be offered and dedicated to the benefit and enlightenment of all sentient beings. May we all Know our Selves together in Love.

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