Journey of Abundance – Day 03

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Guiding Thought

I fill my mind and heart with Love, aligning with the Light of Truth. Steadfast and focused on my own Loving Presence, I live in the peace of fulfillment of my own Divine Identity.


Having recently completed ‘Journey of the Heart’, I feel like I am able to do a much better job than before of getting a sense of filling my mind and heart with Love. In fact, several of my pictures from that Journey are coming to mind, giving me easy-visualization and ready-access to that part of my feeling nature. The 40-day ‘Journey of the Heart’ was time well-spent if it’s now helping me visualize and feel these ‘Abundance’ Guiding Thoughts on a new level!

This is the picture I see in my mind (I kind of wish I had my colored pencils, but imagination will have to suffice):

I see the sky, but it’s not quite the sky, it’s more like ether, or light, or invisible Substance; it’s not blue, and it’s close to me—close enough to touch (if it were possible to touch the ether, or light, or invisible Substance). It surrounds me, as though my head is “in the clouds”. This light is the light of Truth.

I am firmly planted on the earth, while the light encompasses my head, around my forehead and eyes. Love is filling my heart, while my mind is filled with the light.

And I realize this image is the portrayal of my own Divine Identity. Holding this image is being “focused on my own Loving Presence”; holding this image accomplishes the Guiding Thought, completes it, and gives me exactly what it points me toward.



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